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Discussion in 'General' started by Hayley Costume, May 17, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    I have signed up to this site as I am the costume designer for a new BBC TV series which is set throughout ww2, covering many countries and character groups, both military and civilian.

    I am currently in the early research stages of the project and would like to connect with this community in case I need clarification of military aspects of my research as I go. I don't want to bother people with very basic questions but there may be some things with subjective viewpoints where I would appreciate some varied opinions or other times where I defer to the expertise of those who have spent long periods researching the subjects.

    I am UK based and look forward to positive discussion with this community. Thank you.
  2. Owen

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Ask as many questions as can think of.
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  3. CL1

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    Welcome to the forum
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  4. PsyWar.Org

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    Welcome Hayley. It's refreshing to see you reaching out to the experts here. There are some incredibly knowledgeable people on the site, who really know their stuff regarding uniforms and insignia (I'm not one of them I hasten to add).

    Inaccurate uniforms tends to be the number one compliant about period military-themed productions and many here in the past have asked "why don't they ask us, it is not difficult to get this right!"

    Here's your chance chaps...

  5. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Seconded--my sentiments precisely.
    It's very encouraging that you are here.

    Are you able to drop any hints about the nature of the production? BBC period drama leads me to suspect it'll be a novel adaptation--what's left to do?
  6. Thank you both, I did a similar thing in 2014 when I designed 'Our World War' for the BBC, I went on the Great War Forum and connected with people who had particular interest in certain areas, to consult with those who really knew the subjects. This new series is being made by an entirely different group of people, but is ultimately being made for the BBC.

    The TV series is called 'World on Fire' and with the intentions behind it, I don't think you will be disappointed. Here is some information for you:
  7. Swiper

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    I always get wary of such requests, feeling it can be an attempt to bypass professionals and gain knowledge for free, a real area of gripe among historians atm.

    I trust you have a solid HA on board?

    For British stuff just buy in proper Battledress, none of the dross from Epic/What Price Glory or Soldier of Fortune.
  8. Incredibledisc

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    9B3A1952-C028-4147-B696-4D97D37BEA76.jpeg I loved Our World War although I know not everyone liked some of the “modern” touches like the music. Seem to remember the Great War Forum being especially critical of the Mohawk type adornment on one of the soldiers in the second episode.
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  9. Hi Swiper, I can understand how you feel about that, I get annoyed when I am constantly asked to work for free, a big gripe amongst all Creatives too. I don't expect anyone to do my work or research for me but just here in case the odd question pops up.

    I am sure the production have a HA on for some aspects but they usually come on board much later than us or we don't get access to their services for costume, budgets don't allow for it usually. I always do the best we can with the budgets we have and try to honor the history of the subject while managing many production constraints that the viewers are often unaware of.

    I hope not to disappoint you in either regard. Best, Hayley.
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  10. There was a lot of chat about that one, but I had a reference photo from the Somme that I based this on.

    I can't promise everything will be 100% accurate but I do hope that when it isn't, it will be a considered decision not an uninformed accident.
  11. Gage

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    Hello and welcome.
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  12. Ron Goldstein

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    Welcome aboard !

    Will help, if I can (simply because I was "there" at the time) but I can reassure you that you have landed on the right forum as we have a lot of knowledgeable folk aboard.

  13. Incredibledisc

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    It’s always got to be a balance hasn’t it? I’m sure you’d love to get everything correct right down to the last button but for budgetary reasons that can’t always be the case - especially for things that might only be in the frame for a few seconds.

    As you’ve probably seen already, people here are passionate about the subject and will doubtless bend over backwards to help with questions because they want it to be correct more than anyone so that historical events can be portrayed as accurately as possible.

    Good luck with putting it all together and please keep us updated with how you are getting on - if you could post the odd behind the scenes photo that would be great (although I realise the producers may not want stuff going out to the public). I look forward to seeing the finished show.
  14. Thanks so much for the understanding, in turn I completely get the passion and the vital importance that is placed on accuracy when we are dealing with subjects that affected so many lives, deaths, huge moments in history recreated with the smallest details. I will do my best and share anything I am allowed to.
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  15. Reid

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    Welcome from Down Under Hayley.

    Always enjoy a well-researched series and I'm sure you'll get any questions that you care to ask, answered quickly. Look forward to seeing the series arrive in Australia!
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