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    I am researching the WW2 service of my father who was posted to 168 battery 56 th LAA.He was with them all through N Africa and Salerno. Although he has passed away I remember him telling me of his experiences at Monte Cassino, especially witnessing the deaths of British troops caused by American aircraft dropping bombs short of the target.
    I have visited the National Archives at Kew and read the diaries of both battery and regiment.
    The incident was reported by 167 battery, who were at Cassino with 2nd New Zealand corps. 168 battery were at Anzio .
    Could my father have been reassigned to 167 without it being recorded, or temporarily seconded?
    He visited Italy again in later life and particularly wanted to go to Cassino. He talked a little of his experiences generally, but Anzio was never mentioned.
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    It was very common to move Batteries - and back again. If your father’s recollection is of US aircraft bombing British soldiers then that would have been the bombing of the monastery at Cassino on 15 Feb 44. A large number of bombs fell on to British soldiers in 4 Ind Div who were up on Snakeshead Ridge at the time.

    2 NZ Div were at Cassino at that time preparing for their attack up the railway embankment into the Railway Station.

    It sounds like he was in 167 Bty at the time rather than 168 Bty at Anzio.


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