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    Hi Guys thanks for all your help on my last posting, I am applying for my grandfathers service records but I have to wait to get my fathers consent as next of kin when I see him next.
    But just thought I'd post a couple more pics for you guys to look at and maybe help decipher again, I just so want to know my grandfather. His name was Albert Edward Griffin probably known as EDDIE to his mates, and he was originally from Corsham Wiltshire and was a farmers son.
    I've found a pic of a slightly better shoulder flash that might be clearer I've also found a pic of a trailer being loaded with a churchill and a plate number of appears to be "497" meaning? also can someone tell me what the picture and the name "Lammie Camp nap " is all about as he is in that one smoking his pipe, and may I say what a great use of Camo netting for a goal net? hope you guys like the Pics.

    I consider that having these pictures are absolutely amazing considering the type of cameras around then.

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    Div sign is the 8th Indian Division. The Lammie Camp, Nap pic looks as if it has been cropped, but just maybe the Nap bit means Naples. I would suggest that 497 (if that is what I see on the tank) may well just be part of the tank's number. Unfortunately I cannot see a formation sign on the tank which would tell us which formation it belonged to. AoS 52 indicates one of the regiments in one of the armoured brigades in an armoured division in Italy/Sicily.
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    Lammie Camp was X Special Reception camp in Naples
    The IWM has a copy of the camp paper on file.

    It gets a mention in a number of memoirs of the period including this one:
    Lodging - Text
    My notice for leave No. 21LIAP came about two days later to report to Lammie Special Reception Camp, Naples, on 3rd September, 1945. My leave authorisation shows my period of leave from 8/9/45 to 12.00 hours 7/10/45 via Glatton, Peterborough, to Wadhurst, Sussex. When I reported to the 'X' Special Reception Camp I was given a blue card for Transit Sergeants' Mess Meal Card and Tent allocation and also found myself, as senior soldier, responsible for the plane load of other soldiers travelling with me.

    Near the bottom.

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