Memorial to Nurses Mollie Evershed and Dorothy Field

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    Lovely to see pictures surface of Sister Mollie Evershed recently, and the story of the selflessness of herself and Sister Dorothy Field who both died saving injured men off Normandy.

    Norwich's Normandy heroine Mollie Evershed one of two women on new British memorial

    For a few years now I've been gathering information on QAs who served in WW2, and it's always a joy when you can put a face to a name, especially after all this time. Thanks to the family for releasing the pictures.
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    s.s. Amsterdam was a Hospital Carrier, all but one of these vessels were under the British flag, with QAs as nurses. Three of the HMHCs that served the American beaches had U S medics, but again British crew. Brave women all. Martha Gellhorn's despatch tells of the HMHC Prague, one of the three ferrying casualties from the US beaches to Southampton. I assume that you have records of the QAIMNS nurses who, with their Australian colleagues, pereformed so valiantly in the retreat from Singap[ore?
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