Loading Schedule 50 Division RASC Normandy - June 1944

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    As promised elsewhere, here are the loading schedules from 50 Division RASC Operation Order No 1 of 20 May 44 contained in WO171/2481:

    72dpi00011.jpg 72dpi00012.jpg 72dpi00013.jpg 72dpi00014.jpg 72dpi00015.jpg 72dpi00016.jpg 72dpi00017.jpg
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    72dpi00024.jpg 72dpi00025.jpg 72dpi00026.jpg 72dpi00027.jpg 72dpi00028.jpg
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    72dpi00029.jpg 72dpi00030.jpg 72dpi00031.jpg 72dpi00032.jpg 72dpi00033.jpg 72dpi00034.jpg 72dpi00035.jpg
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    72dpi00036.jpg 72dpi00037.jpg 72dpi00038.jpg 72dpi00039.jpg 72dpi00040.jpg 72dpi00042.jpg
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  7. This is a shower of gems Tom!

    I'll add that in the Craft Loading Sheets, the first column "SERIAL NO." gives the Mobilisation Serial Number of the unit. Here:
    56755 = 346 Infantry Brigade Company RASC (Arm of Service Serial Number 73)
    58080 = 522 Infantry Brigade Company RASC (Arm of Service Serial Number 70)

    An immediate example of the irreplaceable usefulness of such docs is that we can find out the exact ship on which this US Signal Corps photo SC190059 was shot, and correct its partially erroneous caption: "Vehicles and British troops await unloading, on board an LST off Utah Beach on 9 June 1944."
    The attached version has been slightly compressed in order to keep it under the 2MB limit, but the full-size, high resolution pic may be downloaded here:
    SC 190059 Normandy Invasion, June 1944

    The Registration Number L776339 is clearly legible on the lorry in the centre of the photo:
    Lorry L-776339 - SC 190059.jpg

    Browsing Tom's docs we see that this particular vehicle was loaded on board LST LTIN 2817, and belonged to 522 Inf Bde Coy RASC as confirmed by its AoS Serial No.70 with the 50(N) Div formation sign. We can further tell that it was the 11th vehicle of No.2 Platoon.

    We also know that this LTIN, planned to land in KING Sector at H + 6 hrs, was carried by US LST 308 (see GOLD Area LTIN-Hull Number matches for US LST).

    The caption should therefore read something like "Vehicles and British troops on board US LST 308 (LTIN 2817) sailing towards KING Sector, GOLD Area where they are to land at 1325 hours on 6 June 1944."

    Because so few markings are visible, and LST loads for GOLD were so similar, but for Tom's docs and their individual vehicle Registration Numbers it would have been impossible to identify the LST in this photo.

    We can even venture the name of the two guys lying/leaning on the tilt of their lorry: they could be Captain Watson (in charge of the 522 Coy party on board) and his driver Lance corporal Trollope. The detailed load is also known: 176 rounds of 25 pdr HE + N ammunition weighing 3 tons plus a motorcycle from a Provost unit, visible on the photo at the rear of the lorry. It also included 3 stretchers + 10 Blankets + 3 Pillows + 1 Compo + 2 W/Tins (Marked RMC).


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    I also found this interesting description of the way that the Divisional RASC of 50th Division was altered later in the campaign in order to suit it to the longer L of C that were beginning to be experienced:

    Appendix “B”
    SUBJECT:- Divisional Maintenance. ST/23/B/155

    346 Coy RASC (Inf Bde)
    522 Coy RASC (Inf Bde)
    524 Coy RASC (Inf Bde)
    508 Coy RASC (Inf Div Tps)

    BRASCO 69 Inf Bde
    BRASCO 151 Inf Bde
    BRASC 231 Inf Bde
    “Q” 50 (N) Div 20 Jul 44

    1. As soon as operations permit a revised maintenance system will be adopted by the Div RASC.

    2. The objects of the revision are as follows:-
    (i) To obtain maximum lifting power from all available transport.
    (ii) To ensure complete flexibility of organisation.
    (iii) To ensure efficient maintenance on an extended L of C without undue strain on transport.

    3. Briefly the organisation involves the grouping of one RASC Coy forward in the vicinity of Rear Div HQ and the remaining three Coys further back in front of the FMC.

    4. The forward Coy will be complete and will operate a Divisional Amn, Sup and Pet Pt.

    5. Of the remaining three Coys, one will be loaded with Sups and POL, the other two with Amn.

    6. The Comp Pl of the Sups and POL Coy will be located with the forward Coy and will operate the Sup Pt. OC forward Coy will only be responsible for the movement and location of this Comp Pl.

    7. Replenishment of normal daily items will be made by the forward Coy from the respective rear Coys, which will in turn refill from the FMC.

    8. In the event of special programmes occurring, separate orders will be issued from HQ RASC.

    9. The forward Coy will be changed periodically.

    10. All Coys will be in W/T communication with each other and HQ RASC.

    11. Diagrammatic layout of Divisional L of C is shown at Appx ‘A’.

    12. Detailed loading of Amn Coy is shown at Appx ‘B’. This loading will only be altered by HQ RASC.

    13. Coys are allotted tasks as follows; 2nd line holdings as at Appendices ‘A’ and ‘B’:-

    522 Coy - Forward Coy.
    524 Coy - Sups and POL.
    346 Coy - All amn other than RA types.
    508 Coy - All amn used by RA.

    [sgd: ??]
    Lieut. Colonel,
    C.R.A.S.C. 50th (Northumbrian) Division

    Appx A - 20 Jul 44.JPG



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