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    Researching my Grandad, here are a few details

    Record of Service

    6849357 PTE JAC Fullegar

    KRRC 15/03/1940 to 26/04/1943
    Middlesex Regiment 27/04/1943 to 21/11/1946

    North Africa 02/05/1943
    Sicily 23/07-08/1943 to 19/09/1943
    Italy 19/09/1943 to 22/071944
    Egypt 22/07/1944 to 10/09/1944
    Italy 15/09/1944
    Austria 10/05/1945

    Believe he was in HQ Coy, we have a picture of a Regimental Christmas dinner with this information on.

    Can anyone help or guide me to find out his movements/battle engagements and why he ended up in Austria rounding up War Criminals?
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    do you have the full service records?

    Also a few members on here copy war diaries from Kew at a reasonable rate.

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    What will the war diaries actually inform me of? Personnel movements of specific people or generalised information about the Regiment?
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    Applying for service records at the moment.
    I have documents and photos given us a rough idea of his movements during the war.
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    Grandad is standing up centre of picture next to the guy holding the mug up
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    Have a look in the Gallery at the many war diaries posted there to see what they are like.

    See the search results for ''war diary'' in The Gallery.

    Recce_Mitch has uploaded hundreds of them.
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    See this link, it might help WW2 Commonwealth Army War Diaries, Info Thread
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    Middlesex in Italy would place him in 2/7 Middx at Anzio in Jan-May 44.


  11. Stuart Avery

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    What a small world. My Granfather was in the 7 K.R.R.C. & the 2/7 MX he ended up being in "B" Sp Group in the Anzio campaign.

    7 K.R.R.C Got disbanded so thats why he ended with the Middlesex. You are a lucky chap. I've got every war diary of 2/7 MX from 43 till the end of 45. I will contact you about sending them over. Something may be wrong here, you have forgot to mention Palestine.Lets see his service records first.
    Edit, not quite everyone, but alot is what i ment to say.
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  12. Stuart Avery

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    Sicily, i could be wrong here, but i think it was only a platoon of "C" Coy mortars of 2/7 MX that was in Sicily. Attached to a brigade of the 51st Highland Division? I will check it out.

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