Keevil airfield 6th Airborne Division photographs 5th June 1944

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    Photographs taken by an RAF photographer, F/O. N.S. Clark (?) on the 5th June 1944 at Keevil airfield.

    CH13298: Operation TONGA. Short Stirling Mark IVs of Nos. 196 and 299 Squadrons RAF, lining the runway at Keevil, Wiltshire, on the evening of 5 June, before emplaning paratroops of the 5th Parachute Brigade Group for the invasion of Normandy.

    CH13299: An R.A.F. sergeant helps one of the paratroopers to make last minute adjustments.

    CH13300: A six-pounder anti-tank gun being hauled into a Horsa glider at Keevil- 5th June 1944

    CH13301: Lieutenant P. Essex-Lopresti surgeon of Ladbroke Grove, London, Flying Officer G.E. Goucher of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, and Rev. W. Briscoe of County Cork, Eire, just before departure on the airborne operation.

    CH13302: R.A.F. men, paratroopers, and Parachutist Field Ambulance personnel have a last minute cigarette before the take-off.

    CH13303: Paratroopers board their aircraft/ Keevil Paratroopers board their aircraft.

    It is said that those entering the Stirling is (left to right) Sgt C.F. Le Quelenec, Pte Muir, Pte Cusson, L/Cpl Ridgeway, Pte Fraser, Pte Cook. 12th Parachute Battalion

    CH13304: Camouflaged with blackened faces, paratroopers take up their positions in their aircraft.

    The Stirling featured in the photographs is ā€˜Nā€™ 299 Squadron piloted by Wing Commander Davis with his crew F/Lt. Lovegrove, F/Lt. F. Mason, F/Lt. J.N. Francis, F/Lt. G.E. Ellis & Sgt. Auld.

    12th Parachute Battalion, 13th Parachute Battalion Machine Gun Platoon, 6th Airborne Division HQ, 225th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC, RASC & REME, plus one stick of 22nd (Independent) Parachute Company took off from Keevil airfield.
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    On the Dives site there is a photograph that claims those entering the Stirling is Lt. James, Spr Hockley, Dvr. Fields, Spr. Anderson & Spr. Job from 591st Parachute Squadron, RE.

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    CH 13303 shows men boarding a Stirling with roundel and 3 stripes visible. There's a number close to entry door - 206 or something similar. It almost seems too neat to be a chalk number?

    CH 13303 Crop.JPG

    Oops - forgot brithm also mentioned this previously in his twitter account here:

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