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    Hi everyone

    I'm researching the Family Tree and some time ago obtained my late father's Record of Service.

    Reading it again today, I am still curious to know why he was awarded the Africa Star along with the 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, War Medal 1939/45 and the Defence Medal when he was demobbed.

    All his postings and attachments between 1940 and 1945 - Edinburgh, Leeds, Shrewsbury, Belfast, Orkney & Shetland Defences and North West Europe - are clearly documented but this bit puzzles me: 12/10/42 Joined trooping pool in excess of are less attached of HQ 3 Coy RAMC - L'Pool (that's what it looks like, but doesn't make a lot of sense ... even to an ex-serviceman!)
    13/10/42 T.O.S. (I know that's "Taken off strength")
    7/11/42 Proceeded on trooping duties
    3/12/42 Disembarked - L/Pool
    10/12/42 Arrived from trooping duties - L/Pool
    17/12/42 Proceeded on trooping duties - L/Pool
    2/3/43 Disembarked - L/Pool
    2/3/43 Arrived from trooping duties - L/Pool
    2/3/43 Posted for duty to No 16 Coy Manchester on 2/3/43 in accordance with Oi/c RAMC Records instructions Div 1/16 Coy d. 26/2/43

    There's no mention of where he went!

    Can anyone help me resolve this dilema? How I wish I'd asked more questions when he was alive [​IMG]


    Chiad Fhear
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    Aye mair questions than answers in a world whaur the past wis a different place - that cannae be revisited!!
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    17/12/42 Proceeded on trooping duties - L/Pool
    2/3/43 Disembarked - L/Pool

    The above suggest nearly 3 months away at sea on trooping duties.

    The Africa Star was a campaign medal of the British Commonwealth, awarded for service in World War II

    The Star was awarded for a minimum one day service in an operational area of North Africa between 10 June1940 and 12 May1943. The whole of the area between the Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar is included, together with Malta, Abyssinia, Kenya, Sudan, The Solmalilands and Eritrea. The areas not bordering the Mediterranean only qualified for the Africa Star from 10 June1940 to 27 November1941.

    It is quite possible that he spent more than 1 day in theatre.
  3. Chiad Fhear

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    Thanks 'englandphil'

    I can't ever recall Dad speaking about his wartime service other than to tell us where he got a couple of brass figurines - one of a town crier and the other of the statue of the wee lad having a pee - both of which came from Belgium. I've since discovered from his record that he served in BAOR NWE between Sep 1944 and Aug 1945 at 31 RHU.; 212FA and then 2218 PW Camp at Vilvorde near Brussels (a POW Camp involved in War Criminal suspect scrrening and interrogation) following which he was repatriated to the UK and 13 Coy RAMC on compassionate grounds

    As I said ... I wish I'd asked him more questions when he was alive!


    Chiad Fhear

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