How to find children of Gustave Hector Stanislas.

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    Hello, all,
    I want to contact, the relations / family of an French airman.
    To give them information about my research.

    Gustave Hector Nicolas Stanislas.
    *10-09-1912. French Guyana.
    +12-08-1983. Paris.
    Buried, Cementry at Ferte Sous jouarre ( East of Paris )

    He was the commander and navigator of an crashed Halifax NA260 and only survivor.
    Crash 07-02-1945 at Asten /Holland.
    I have much more information about him.
    Can we find an foto of his grave, and his children around Paris / Ferte sous Jouarre ?
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    Normally in France, it is my understanding that graves have to be paid for, otherwise the 'body' is placed in a common grave, so perhaps contact with the cemetery to find out who is paying for the upkeep of the grave

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    Gustave Hector N. Stanislas.
    Army number 000936
    Studiet , Petit college Cayenne ( French Guyana )
    Got, Baccalaureaat with high marks for wiskunde /mat ?
    Voluntair Airforce (France )
    Base Arienne 367 (French Guyana ) Felix - Rochambeau.

    After the war he was an General armee de l'air
    How to find the book ?
    Book , Jean Mercier 2009.
    Memoire : Gustave Stanislas, Avant-garde de conclure la partie
    Aerienne je voudrais la memoire d'une guyanais ...
    il est nomme general de brigade Aerienne et commandant l'ecole
    technique de l'armee de l'air er Base-Ecole 721 Rochefort .
    ( More info will follow)
    Regards, Gerard .
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    Gustave Hector Stanislas.
    I saw on an website, Andrea Stanislas ( doughter ) replayed, and asked for info
    about her father. She told, she has one brother and four sisters.
    I gave my mail address, but she will not have seen it.
    Acc my search on the web, the Stanislas family is still active in Cayenne /French Guyana, South America. Can somebody give me an link to contact them ?

    Regards, Gerard. Thank you, Tricky Dicky, for your help and attention.
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    I dont have any means of providing you contacts as you ask - but have you tried that Facebrooky thing along with Tweeter - I would suspect that many people today [not me though] use these more commonly than most other forms of communications/media

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