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  1. Martin Baker

    Martin Baker Staffs_Uk

    Thanks for having me, found this page whilst trying to research my grandad ( technically great uncle), his role in the war and more information about his unit.
    I have really enjoyed reading through the forum so far and learning lots in general already.

    I will save the post about my grandad for another section, I just wish I had been able to ask him more when he was alive but I was too young to know better unfortunately. I'm sure many of us on here are in the same boat.



    1480803 Walter Charles Smith 116/26 L. A. A rgt
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  2. Welcome aboard Martin.
  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

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  4. Martin Baker

    Martin Baker Staffs_Uk

    Thank you, looking at your name he was in the 116th LAA the /26 from Derby funnily enough
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  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Hello Martin
    Not sure he was in the 116th LAA they were UK based till 21/6/44

    Looks like the info you posted he was in the 26th LAA
    where have you taken the info you have posted from?
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  6. Martin Baker

    Martin Baker Staffs_Uk

    I have a document saying he was Injured in Italy on 29.11.43 and was in the 116/26 l. a. a rgmt have I misunderstood it? I will try and attach it for you to see

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  8. Martin Baker

    Martin Baker Staffs_Uk

    Ah thank you for that, learning everyday
  9. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    I've popped a reply on the other thread to keep it all together - these things aren't always clear but if like a lot of us on here you spend too much time looking at these things its becomes second nature (probably pushing out information thats much more useful on a day to day basis)
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    26 LAA Regt RA were the integral Light Anti-Aircraft defence for 8 Indian Division from 6 Aug 43-6 Jan 45. It that time, they went where ever the Division went in order to give them the protection that they needed. They left in Jan 45 largely because the air threat was almost non-existent - the Germans were desperately short of fuel and spare parts and Russia was the priority.

    That therefore places your grandfather on the Sangro on 29 Nov 43 where 8 Indian Division were involved in an operation alongside 2 NZ Division.

    Very importantly, from my perspective, it also places him at the Fourth Battle of Cassino where 8 Indian Division were one of the two Divisions tasked with assaulting across the River Rapido on the night of 11-12 May 44 in an attempt to break into the Liri Valley and secure Route 6. Route 6 was the road to Rome.

    One More River - a short history of 8 Indian Division is available somewhere on the internet if you look. If you cannot find it, I have an electronic copy which you are welcome to have. Just get me through


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