1480803 Walter Charles Smith 116/26 L. A. A rgt

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    I have been looking into my grandads service in ww2, I will list what I have found so far and a few bits I was hoping someone might be able fill in for me if possible.
    As I'm sure was often the case he never spoke about what he did expect to tell my dad that he was blown up in a vehicle and narrowly escaped death when somebody saw his hand move whilst clearing bodies.

    His name was Walter Charles Smith born in Alrewas, Staffordshire and in the 1939 census was already listed as soldier his service number was 1480803 and he was in the 116/26 Light anti aircraft regiment out of Derby. He appears to have been in Palestine at one point and Egypt. He was wounded on the 29/11/43 in Italy and I'm told by the person who found the document possibly taken prisoner? He was transferred to the Royal Fusillers London Regiment on 03/11/44 and discharged from the army in 1946. I have attached the documents I have to the post.

    I would love to find out more about where he might of been during the war, particularly after joining the fusiliers in 1944 as I have absolutely no information here. And why the person thought he may have been taken prisoner? Any new information however small would be most appreciated.

    I can't believe that my Grandpa Charlie looks to have served the entire length of the war on 3 continents possibly. I am in the process of sending for his records but hoped somebody might have abit of info I hadn't already seen before I got them.

    Thanks so much for any help

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    His service records will give you concrete info and not speculation
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    As mentioned on your introduction thread 116/26 LAA would be 116th LAA Battery within 26th LAA Regiment - from 26 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA(TA) - The Royal Artillery 1939-45 (ra39-45.co.uk) you can see some of their movements - when he was wounded 29/11/43 they were with 8th Indian Division I think they were fighting around the Sangro - I can't see any indication he was taken POW. By late 1944 the Infantry in Italy were running short of men and the German air threat had been diminished from its peak so lots of AA gunners were given infantry training and moved over to their new job - the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers were also with 8th Indian Division so it would be tempting to suggest he may have moved to them but that is speculation without his service records or something else to confirm.
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    Thanks alot for your help

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