Gnr. W. Burton, 277/68 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery POW (Tobruk)

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    Gnr. Walter James Burton, 277/68 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery captured 20th June 1942 Stalag 4B POW No. 279719

    Derby Daily Telegraph 20 April 1945


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    Burton is listed in WO392/21 as being held at Camp 82 Laterina near Arezzo, as of August 1943. There a several other men with the surname Burton and initial F on the list, so identifying his brother is problematic.

    Burton WJ.jpg
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    If his brother was captured at Salerno (i.e. sometime after 9 September) he wouldn't be in this register, which was dated August 1943.
    Will see if I can find him in one of the German registers.


    Edited to say:

    Here is Gunner WalterJ. In Germany:
    Burton W.J.  WO 392 1.png

    Here are two possibilites for brother Frank from Royal Marine Prisoners of War in Germany:
    Reference: ADM 201/111

    f. burton 2.png

    Frank burton.png Frank burton.png
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    Brother :
    Most likely 41 (Royal Marine) Commando if he was captured at Salerno

    PLY/X110743 Marine Frank BURTON (41 (Royal Marine) Commando?)

    24th January 1923 Derby - 14th January 1976 Derby, aged 52
    PoW number: 229546 Stalag IVB Muhlberg.

    WO 416/47/6
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    That's him. His date of birth coincides with what I found elsewhere
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