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Discussion in 'Higher Formations' started by Gary Tankard, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Gary Tankard

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    I've just returned from my first trip to TNA for six months and I came across this in a 44 Recce WD. A cash prize to whoever can name all them all. The middle six on the top row are Corps signs - what is the black and white one with what looks like a bull? I can hazard a guess but anyone know for sure?

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  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Badly drawn XXX Corps.
    They were involved in the desert & Sicily.
  3. Tony56

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    Edit - I failed, so have removed my attempt in order not to spoil it for others!!
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  4. Owen

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    I'll say it before anyone else does.

    6th Infantry Division renumbered to 70th Inf Div in 1941.
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  5. Alex1975uk

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    The red star bottom right I’m assuming you mean?
  6. Owen

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    Tony listed them all but edited his post after I replied.
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  7. AB64

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    I'm fairly sure I have a copy where the original owner noted all the units but can't seem to find it - in the more common 2nd Army version it seems to have been the done thing to write them on
  8. Tony56

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    Still kept hold of my list but, as I said, didn't want to spoil the fun. At the end of this we could produce a definitive list. By the way:
    8th Army Service Of Thanksgiving | WW2Talk

    I wonder if Ron has the key, can't see that he posted it?
  9. Owen

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  10. Tony56

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    As no one else has posted and in order to bring everything together, this is my contribution, with correction as per Owen #4, happy to amend if any other errors.

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