Distances from Stalag to work camps?

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    Looking at my relatives Mi9 card and transferring the places to Google maps I have realised that whilst in 1940/41 he was attached to Stalag xxa in Torun, Poland his work camps were nearly 1000Km in Germany between Munich and Stuttgart.

    His letters from the period (in which he mentions, for example, working on road-making) give his address as XXA with the work camp in brackets after so he was still "attached" to XXA.

    I always assumed that work camps were roughly in the vicinity of the "parent" Stalag. Untitled.jpg
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    Talking of today - The STALAG was the "company". Whenever The Reich needed strong young men to e.g. for road works, the men had to go into a "home office" to "construct" roads. I guess that was sometimes not a bad choice. Sharing food and drinks with the German engineers next to the site for example.
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    Makes sense. Although there were obviously stalags much closer to the sites he worked at and you would expect them to draw the men from there rather than transport them 1000Km.
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    It is actually quite simple:

    In Stalag XX-A he received his permanent PoW identification number.
    (H.Dv. 38/5 "Dienstanweisung für den Kommandanten eines Kriegsgefangenen-Mannschafts-Stammlagers" , 1939)

    Work assignments:
    Weissenhoehe is now Białośliwie, about 122km west of Torun.
    Steindorf is today Węglewo, about 125km in the direction of Poznan.
    Riesenburg should be Prabuty, today, about 116km in the opposite direction.

    From there he was transferred in 1943 to Stalag XX-B Marienburg, today Malbork.
    Work assignment in Dambitzen Elbing, today Elbląg-Dębica, about 40km east
    Further work assignments in the area of Danzig, today Gdansk, about 70km north

    I cannot see from your list when and where he was in the Stuttgart or Munich area?
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    Yesterday Google maps was showing me Steindorf and Friedheim quite close together and close to Munich. A few moments ago it was showing the same, now it is showing only Steindorf so I don't know what is going on!

    Thank for the correct geography.
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    In Germany at that time there were many places with the same names especially villages.
    The map you provided is wrongly drawn. Prabuty (Riesenburg) is higher - at the level of Marienwerder. Greetings from Prabuty
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