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    Recently saw this news item on the BBC website....

    Osaka cuts San Francisco ties over statue

    "Japan's Osaka city has ended its "sister city" ties with San Francisco over the display of a statue depicting women forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War Two.

    Osaka mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura said the "comfort women" monument "destroyed the two sides' relationship of trust".

    The work depicts three young women - from Korea, China and the Philippines - standing in a circle holding hands


    "Mr Yoshimura set out the reasons for his decision in a 10-page letter to Ms Breed, saying that part of the "problem" was the monument's inscription, which he said "presents uncertain and one-sided claims as historical facts".

    "There is also disagreement among historians when regarding the historical facts such as the number of 'comfort women', the degree to which the former Japanese army was involved, and the extent of the wartime harm", his letter adds.

    "The full inscription on the side of the statue reads: "This monument bears witness to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of women and girls euphemistically called 'comfort women', who were sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial armed forces in 13 Asian-Pacific countries from 1931 to 1945."

    The monument also includes a fourth figure who stands nearby, depicting an elderly woman meant to be Kim Hak-sun, the first woman to speak out about her experience during the Japanese occupation of Korea during the war.
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    well i suppose while their rumping their not bayonetting some poor bastard tied to a tree.
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    " By the late 1990s, the plight of “comfort women” had erupted into front-page news in the United States and became a lodestone for women’s rights advocates and other groups demanding the Japanese government acknowledge responsibility for these wartime abuses of human rights." ( page 4 )

    A pdf of a guide published by the "National Archives and Records Administration for the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group" ( IWG) contains many references to the "comfort women" and the reasons for the establishment of the IWG at NARA, or the United States National Archives.

    It is 2.6 mb pdf download from NARA. ( The front page is a photo of a Japanese soldier's diary ). The download title is "introductory essays".
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