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Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by David Layne, Feb 15, 2007.

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    The Financial Times for 21/22 March 2015, called FT Weekend, had a long article starting on page 24 in the Magazine or Colour Supplement by Lucy Hornby, the FT’s China correspondent, entitled: “ Still Fighting.”

    Ms Hornby met a former Chinese “comfort woman” . Such individuals “ were reviled in their villages or exiled to labour camps after the communists gained power.”

    A current historian in Shanghai, Su Zhiliang, and his wife, Chen Lifei, founded the " Research Center for Chinese Comfort Women at Shanghai Normal University."

    “ The centre collects testimonials and funnels donations to elderly comfort women. Nowadays, it also pays for funerals.”
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    So a political solution to a human issue, all seems far too little far too late as is the unfortunate case with so many of these issues. No guarantee the remaining ladies involved will every see or benefit from the money being paid.

    Let us hope Japan does see this as a reason to now sweep this issue under the carpet.

    South Korea needs to be transparent in where this money goes.


    (Owen thank you - never could read a compass)
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    are they getting money too? ;)
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    The BBC report includes the following: " Japan has apologised and will pay 1bn yen ($8.3m, £5.6m) - the amount South Korea asked for - to fund victims."

    Estimated 200,000 women originally suffered in the manner outlined by the report, many of them Korean.

    If they were still alive that would be £28 each at current monetary values.

    Under the terms of the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty the sums paid to individuals in the UK were £76 10s each for military prisoners and £43 each for civilian internees.

    On 7 November 2000 the UK Government [SIZE=11pt] announced that it ( not Japan ) would make an [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]ex gratia [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]payment of £10,000 to former prisoners of war and other detainees of Japan. [/SIZE]

    It was estimated that up to 16,700 people might be eligible for the money, and that the total cost might amount to £167m.
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    I'm glad to say that my Nan received the money organised by Mr. Blair in November 2000. A little late one might say, as she had to bring up two children under 5 years old from 1943 onwards, with no assistance from anyone except occasionally from her family in County Durham.
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    Unfortunately it seems like ISIS is taking a page from Japanese history.
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    Thanks, I totally agree Dave55. There is a lot more to be found on line, in regards to this sad and tragic topic. Especially since the BBC report on the subject aired back in late 2015.

    Here is one example:
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    OP, typically Japanese though. They just can't accept that mistakes are made and should be addressed or even mentioned. Look at the modern recall history of Japanese cars and seat belts in particular.
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    My Aunt was one of the Dutch women who lived in one of these camps. Never really talked about it, but did say she worked the hospital, and saw many people die.
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    Comfort Women, always happens during war time

    Comfort Women were necessary how true, more so during war time
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    The above is the expression one expects from an intellectual coward or a Japanese. Contrive to cast the odium so widely and spread it so thinly that the victim is as responsible as the perpetrator for the horrors inflicted.

    You feel it protects you from having to defend a position or opinion.

    As a WW2 veteran you might be expected especially to be more sympathetic toward the victims given the tenor and mood of the posts here. The clumsy careless way you have expressed your idea suggests that CWs were necessary without war as well.

    Knowing as we do how the Japanese treated "inferior" peoples under their control you exhibit a sad lack of empathy for civilian victims of war. If you see your observation as a statement revealing of the brutal reality of war then agreeing with the comments of the Mayor of Osaka, Toru Hashimoto, might not have been the best way of expressing your feelings.
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    Since the Japanese kidnapped Korean women (whom they regarded as "inferior") and forced them to become comfort women, I find your statement puzzling, to say the least. Do women provide "favors" to men during wartime? Sure. But it was willing, if necessary, behavior. Comfort women, in Japanese eyes, was little more than sexual slavery.
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    Reference your post to me, to start with I am English
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    The British had the right idea during war time
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