Building the Churchill Mark VII

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    Very interesting reading but I cannot find any photos or a link to them.

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    Many thanks for the link

    This article is an excellent description of the initial build and shows the location ([SIZE=10pt]When the tank hull comes to be assembled it is lined up on longitudinal and transverse centre lines passing through the axis of rotation of the turret and in building the floor, the first operation is to place the bottom plates on the jig, line them up, and mark longitudinal and transverse centre lines passing through a hole drilled on the centre point of the turret). [/SIZE]of that elusive "Golden Rivet" as fitted in all tanks !!

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    Makes you appreciate the sheer amount of industrial effort and engineering resource required to build heavy arms.
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    and just ONE 88mm shot undid all that effort then they peppered it until it could no longer be restored - we lost Five Mk iv's inside twenty minutes one day - cost 50,000GBP's each- but we had more

    but we didn't have that many men to man them


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