British Panther Tanks

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    Captured Panther tanks used by the British. Would like to learn more about the Panthers. Here is the story of Cuckoo.

  2. 509thPIB

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    Here is the story of Deserter.

  3. Dave55

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    Nice. Brave guys to be driving around in a Panther even if if was wearing allied markings, especially when it was white washed. Allied fighter bombers would be a big worry.

    Surprised it stayed running for five months.
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    Something new on this topic (I hope!). Picture of Geijsteren Castle taken by me on a visit 3 or 4 years ago. Not much left of it. DSCF3787.JPG
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    There's film footage of "Cuckoo" being driven around by (I presume) the Scots Guards here:

    The Cuckoo footage starts at approx. 2.38.
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