British Inf Div REME, RAOC, RASC and RAMC evolution

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    I'm trying to build the evolution of the REME, RAOC, RASC and RAMC units of the British Infantry Division from September 1939 to May 1945. I managed to list all the changes that occurred throughout the years, but I couldn't find the exact date (month and year) on which the establishments were officially modified.

    The Infantry Division in September 1939 had the HQ, RASC (Ammunition, Petrol and Supply Companies) and separate RAMC units (3 Field Ambulances and a Field Hygiene Section).

    Following the Battle of France (summer 1940), the HQ, RAOC was added, which comprised Light Aid Detachments, a Divisional Ordnance Workshop, a Divisional Ordnance Field Park, a Mobile Laundry and Decontamination Unit, a Mobile Bath Unit and a Salvage Unit.

    During 1941 2 RAMC Field Dressing Sections were added; the RASC Ammunition, Petrol and Supply Companies were replaced by 3 Infantry Brigade Companies and a Divisional Troops Company; the Mobile Laundry and Decontamination Unit, Mobile Bath Unit and Salvage Unit were made Corps Troops.

    In early 1942 RAOC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Ordnance Workshop Subsections were added.

    In late 1942 the HQ, REME was added, which took command of the former RAOC units: various Light Aid Detachments, a LAA Regiment Workshop and 3 Infantry Brigade Workshops. The RAOC Divisional Ordnance Field Park was passed to Corps Troops, although in early 1944 it was again assigned to the division.

    Can anyone correct and complete with dates and additional infos? Thank you.
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    That's largely in line with my understanding, but I would tweak the dates somewhat.

    Medical - three Field Ambulances and one Field Hygiene Section for 1938 to 1941. That was revised to Three Field Ambulances, two Field Dressing Stations and a Field Hygiene Section around Jul/Aug 1942. Remained on that basis through till Aug 1945.

    S&T - HQ and three commodity Companies (Ammunition, Petrol and Supply Column) 1938 into 1941. Moved onto a new set of WEs during 1941, but still based on those three types of unit. Around late 1942, going into early 1943 the Inf Div RASC switched to three Infantry Brigade Companies and one Divisional Company, coming into line with the RASC in Armoured Divisions.

    Ordnance - a bit more complicated, just the HQ RAOC that I'm not sure about without double checking.

    Workshops - HQ, three Brigade Workshops, LADs to various units and an LAA Workshop, all badged as REME from late 1942.

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    Regarding Ordnance, the Divisional Ordnance Workshop and Divisional Ordnance Field Park were authorised in WEs of May/June 1941. LADs received revised WEs around this time and the LAA Ord Wksp Sub-Sec was added (as was the LAA Regt). There's no separate HQ for the RAOC, Div HQ did include an ADOS from late 1941, which remained the case through to 1945.

    In 1939-40 I think the Division relied on an attached Army Field Workshop, an outline of which can be seen here;

    Army Field Workshop, RAOC, May 1940

    The Salvage, Bath and Decon units all appeared briefly as Divisional troops, late 1940 to early 1941 as I recall. Infantry Brigade Ordnance Companies were formed in the Middle East, in line with the developments in the Armoured Divisions, and were to be extended to UK based formations. In the end the REME organisation of Brigade Workshops was adopted instead.

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