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  1. gliderrider

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    Hello, wondering if anyone, well AM i suppose :) on francis murphy service number 14671649, was at the Schoonoord Dressing Station as a medic ?
    Regards Simon
  2. arnhem2280

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    Murphy was 181 A/L Field Ambulance and was at Arnhem as to where he was during the battle I can't help I'm afraid.


  3. Medic7922

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    I have taken a glance through RB & RC and found Pte Murphy who was with the 181 in the Schoonoord hotel but no mention of his whereabouts after the battle, I know a number of 181 Medical Orderlies went to the Airborne Hospital in Apeldoorn then on to POW camps after, I would suggest Niall would know the answer with his vast amount of information to hand.
  4. horsapassenger

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    Murphy appears on the list of 181 orderlies who were at Apeldoorn.

  5. Jolly Squire

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    Francis Murphy is in the Divisional Casualty Files amongst the “non-wounded other ranks”. He was transferred from Apeldoorn by train to STALAG VIIIB/344 POW Camp near Lamsdorf – Poland on 18 October 1944 and was allocated the POW No. 93695. This is the date on which the British medical staff in the King William III Barracks at Apeldoorn (the British administered, so-called Airborne Hospital) were ordered immediate removal of all personnel at one hours notice, so no doubt until then Pte Murphy had served in the Airborne Hospital as a medical orderly.
    Hope this helps.
  6. gliderrider

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    Many Thanks to you all, most helpful. I met his son on the plane to Holland, thought he was visiting Arnhem but he was off to America. He did not know anymore about his Fathers service, than what was in my initial question. So your information will be of great interest to him.

    Again many thanks to you all.
    regards Simon

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