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    Tony. thank you ever so much. really appreciate your help.
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    I think the simple reason that J White and others are recorded as having died on 10/5/40 is because there was uncertainty of the actual date of death. So 10/5/40 was put down as this was the start of the German offensive. Admittedly they should have been listed as between 10/5/40 to 30/5/40. However a date had to be put down and the paper work sent off.
    Now considering what resources were available when this work was carried out it is understandably that things got missed or were written down wrong. Even if it was realized later on, that an error was made by the time the information got back, the headstones and ledgers would possibly already been completed.

    The case of Richard Austin Langley on his gravestone is 10/5/40.
    Pvt Austin Richard Langley ( - 1940) - Find A Grave Memorial
    Yet CWGC lists his death as between 10/5/40 (First day of German offensive) and 04/6/40 last day of Dunkirk evacuation).
    So again no actual date of his death.
    Today with the resources and the time, that we have, we can try and correct those understandable past errors.
    Thankfully we have many members here which are doing that.
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