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    I am currently taking my Dad's letters home and making them into a book.

    He was a foundation member of 485 Spitfire Squadron in 1941 and then at the end of '41 he was shipped to the Middle East.
    After a spell instructing in Aden and staff duties at HQ in Cairo, he wanted to get back into active service and was posted to 92 squadron where he served from mid 1942 to August 1943 as a flight commander. When they deployed to Malta, he came back to New Zealand.

    His letters from the Middle East are fewer and with far less detail than the English ones. But he did some writing years later and wrote a chronolgy of his war involvement, in preparation for a book that was never written.

    He mentions flying anti-recc duties, the second battle for El Alamein, flying Spitfires out of Tobruk as it fell and and an operation months later to try and free Tobruk which failed. I have googled these things and read basic details.

    If there is anyone here who can give me more details of 92 squadron or point me in the direction of info, I would be very grateful.
    My Dad has been dead 20 years, as far as I was concerned his war was 485. He hardly ever mentioned the Middle East and it feels a bit like a "hidden war" for him, a war I didn't know about.

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    Have you tried on line for a 92 Squadron Assoiciation? also try the Air historical Branch RAF for their input.

    Also try the RAF Museum Hendon

    The above may help you the Air Historical Branch are great with individual actions, Hendon alkso should hold the squadron war diaries

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