2614133 Albert BAKER, DCM, Grenadier Guards & 1 Commando

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    Baker, Albert
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Service No: 2614133
    Regiment: Grenadier Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia)
    Award: Distinguished Conduct Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 22 April 1943
    Date 1943
    Catalogue reference WO 373/1

    139 Infantry Brigade, 46th Division, 5 Corps
    2614133 Lance-Corporal Albert BAKER, No. 1 Commando & GRENADIER GUARDS

    Throughout the period 26th February to 4th March 1943 during which time his Troop were constantly engaged with the enemy, the above N.C.O. has at all times shown the highest powers of leadership, courage and devotion to duty.

    During the attack on Hill Point 231 on 2nd March 1943he was acting as No. 2 on the Bren gun. Altogether, with his No. 1 (Private WILLIAMS, 83) he was instrumental in destroying a large number of the enemy and enemy Machine Gun positions.

    When his Troop position was being over-run by the enemy, his Bren gun was responsible for covering the withdrawal of his Sub-Section. This he carried out to such effect that the Section withdrew without loss. After the Section had withdrawn successfully this N.C.O., together with his No. 1 advanced under heavy fire and captured two enemy Machine Gun positions killing their crews.

    During this action Lance-Corporal BAKER sustained an injury but he carried on and with his Troop succeeded in getting back to the ? near SEDJENANE.

    Before the battle of SEDJENANE started, Lance-Corporal BAKER was sent down to the A.D.S. for treatment. On arrival at the A.D.S. he found the battle of SEDJENANE had started. He thereupon refused treatment and joined with the 6th Battalion LINCOLNS and was put in charge of a M.M.G. During the battle of SEDJENANE he directed the fire of his team to such good effect that a great many casualties were inflicted on the enemy.

    Throughout the whole period of operations Lance-Corporal BAKE has at all times shown the highest standard of leadership, courage and devotion to duty.

    Very strongly recommended - Brigadier, Comd. 139 Infantry Brigade.

    *In conjunction with the other recommendation very strongly recommended - HA FREEMAN-ATTWOOD, Major-General, Comd. 46th Division

    He has shown outstanding bravery before. Strongly recommended - Lt.-General Comd. 8 Corps

    Granted an Immediate D.C.M.

    139th Infantry Brigade, 46th Division, 5 Corps
    2614133 Lance-Corporal Albert BAKER, No. 1 Comando & GRENADIER GUARDS

    On the 23rd February 1943 in the area of CEMETERY HILL the Germans carried out an assault in force on the left flank Troop of No. 1 Commando.

    The attack was put in with great determination from the rear left. Lance-Corporal BAKER was the No. 1 of a M.M.G. supporting "B" Sub-Section of MORGAN's Troop on the left.

    When the attack opened up this N.C.O. immediately brought fire to bear on the enemy. However, as the Germans were advancing from behind they were outside the arc of fire of the M.M.G. Seeing this, Lance-Corporal BAKER with complete disregard for his own safety and with the help of his No. 2 moved the gun into a positions form which he could bring fire to bear on the enemy. In order to do this, Lance-Corporal BAKER had to change his position in the gun pit and by doing so left himself exposed to the enemy.

    As a result of the fire, however, he was instrumental in beating off the attack. The gun position was under heavy fire throughout the engagement and the attack was so determined that some enemy were found dead within 20 yards of the gun.

    The great courage, coolness, and devotion to duty of Lance-Corporal BAKER was instrumental in preventing the position from being over-run.

    Recommended for M.M.

    Recommended that this be considered with a subsequent recommendation for D.C.M.

    Signed Brigadier, Comd 139th Infantry Brigade.
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    Lance Serjeant BAKER, ALBERT
    Service Number 2614133
    Died 22/01/1945
    Aged 28
    2nd Bn. Grenadier Guards and No. 1 Commando
    D C M
    Son of Albert and Annie Baker, of Stanningley, Leeds, Yorkshire.
    Location: Myanmar
    Number of casualties: 5580
    Cemetery/memorial reference: 3. D. 1.
    See cemetery plan

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