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    I have just sent off to the MOD for Frank's service papers. No doubt a serious delay will occur before I receive anything HOWEVER, I will post anything interesting when they finally arrive!! I have established that his son recently passed away.
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    Hi Guys, sorry but with COVID, a family bereavement and an operation I've been out of action for a while.

    Looking through my mother's papers I found some correspondence between my father and members of 17FC including pictures of many headstones (presumably of 17FC members). I have also seen further references to the squadron leader.

    After Christmas (and COVID permitting) I'll post a summary of what I find.

    Have a great Christmas. Let's hope 2021 is better than 2020!

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    Hi Peter,

    Good to see your still alive and kicking.

    I've finally spent a few shekels on a subscription to British Army Casualty Lists 39-45 (via findmypast.com). I've been noting any 17 Fd Coy casualties as I find them (for June/July 44). You may want to add details to the info you've collated - I'm happy to forward what I've found thus far.

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    Hope all is now well?

    It certainly would be of interest to see the correspondence etc you refer to.

    As yet nothing further heard about Frank's service papers!

    All the best

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    You state this is a 17 Field Company vehicle. What makes you so sure? Is there a definitive list of the numbers displayed on the vehicles?

    Many thanks

  6. The 3 Br Inf Div Formation sign is visible above the AoS Serial 51, therefore the vehicle belongs to the third Fd Coy RE in 3 Div, which was 17 Fd Coy (and thus the AoS Flash is the RE's Cobalt blue).

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    So this will be a 17 FC vehicle?
  8. Yes, for the same reasons :D
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    Thank you Michel
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    I believe this is the half track that Sgt Faulkner and Lt Crush were wounded in. See earlier posts.
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    Having played around with some filters, the "51" can clearly be seen on the half track. Photo credit Peter Crush.

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  12. Clearly not the same half track as on the film clip (or IWM photo B6644). 17 Fd Coy had more than one half track :D

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    Reading through this very interesting thread chaps and much impressed with the collaborative work and detail that is happening here.

    Peter Crush, you mentioned earlier about first Seaborne troops arriving at Pegasus and you half remembered a Para Officer's account of this. It is quoted at length on pg 30 of Robin Neillands 'Battle of Normandy 1944'. Neillands gives the source of this as 'a letter to the author'. The Para officer is John Butler of 7 Para. He mentions that the section of Sappers arrived in a White Scout Car (Similar to the halftrack but wheels only) and a Bren Carrier. He seems to indicate the section was led by a Sgt and had arrived at bridge without incident by avoiding the roads and following a tram line that ran parallel to the canal.

    I'm very interested in this section of Sappers if anyone has any additional info on them?

    Edited to rectify an error, must remember to wear my glasses next time!
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    In my previous post I mistakenly ascribed the John Butler quote to '1 Suffolk' in Normandy' by Eric Lummis, (read the notes without my glasses and got the wrong chapter note, doh!).

    I followed that up with this post below giving a link to a text version of that book. Seem superfluous now but I shall leave here for now.

    Just did a search on Google for 1 Suffolk in Normandy and discovered that dear old Brian Guy posted the text of the booklet, alongside the text of 1 Suffolk on D-Day (both by Eric Lummis) on Arrse before he died. See link below...

    D. Day, With the 1st Suffolks. Unpublished Version.
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    Hi all! this thread is fabulous. Wondering if I could have some input regarding my Great Granduncle!

    His name was William Henry Day - Sapper 731406 - 17 FC.. He seems to have gone missing
    Notes on Forceswar records say - Casualty List No. 284. Original source records date Missing between 10th May and 16th June 1940. Suggesting he went missing in Dunkirk.

    The rest of the records I have found are pretty vague and dont really say where he actually went missing, if they found his body etc.

    Wondering if anyone could help? Newbie to this !
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    My great uncle was in the 17th Field Company Royal Engineers and died of wounds on 20th August 1944. Does it mention in War Diaries what was taking place on that Day? I don’t know what platoon he was in.
    Owen Cooper, Sapper. 1875695.

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