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Panzer IV Cadman

Panzer IV   Cadman
von Poop, Apr 14, 2013
    • Dave55
      Is that an experimental turret? Looks like a Panther.
    • von Poop
      No, just a J with the big gun, taken from a low angle.
      We saw it running a couple of times, but something happened in the final drive last time. Years ago and not repaired as far as I know. Used to sit on it quite a lot after hours at Beltring while having a smoke. Don't think we were supposed to, but hard to resist a rare chance to scramble over & under for a proper look.

      Think it might be the one they bought from an old lady in France for c.£.5m, if a nice bloke in Jersey was to be believed. (Though now wondering if that was one of their panthers. Memory failing.)
    • Dave55
      Detroit could only tell them so many times to use helical gears. ;)
    • von Poop
      On the same day it died with a noticeable clunk, an M60 failed, making the most spectacular CLANG and just stopping.
      They couldn't recover either straight away so they sat there in the arena during the Vietnam display. Mark IV a tiny tad incongruous as Charlie used it for cover, but I suppose... at least... possible.
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    • Dave55
      As Forrest said, "We were always looking for a fellow named Charlie."
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