Dads POW Sickness Record

This would appear to be stamped XV111D, is it possible he would have been moved?

Dads POW Sickness Record
ianjardine, May 28, 2014
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      Not sure if this is helpful to you...

      Lazarett's were POW hospitals for infectious diseases.
      Stalag short for Stammlagers

      Stalag XVIII D (306)
      Military District XVIII - Salzburg (Austria, Slovenia)
      des kriegsgef. Mansch.-Stammlagers 306 = des kriegsgefangene Mannschafts-Stammlager 306
      (the prisoner of war camp team 306)

      Stalag XVIII-D (also known as Stalag 306) was a German Prisoner of War camp at Maribor (German: Marburg an der Drau) in what is now Slovenia. It opened in the spring or early summer of 1941, operating until the end of the war.

      By July 1941 Stalag XVIII-D contained nearly 4,500 British and Commonwealth prisoners captured in Greece and Crete. Conditions initially were very poor, with more than 1,000 men accommodated in tents while huts were being constructed. There was an outbreak of typhus in early 1942. However the situation improved as the war went on.
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