WWII Wrecks

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  1. KevinT

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    I came across the Austin and the Bedford on holiday in Cyprus many years ago.

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  2. KevinT

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    Another wreck from Cyprus.

    The 25 pdr photos the man on the far right is my late Father who was a WOII with 210 L.A.D. ( armed with Bofor 40 / 70 at the time ).

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  3. rick wedlock

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    there's also a valentine with a post war pillbox type affair welded on top, still on cyprus somewhere !

  4. Wills

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    Having fired at tank hulks on Colony Gate at Pribright and other sites, I started looking for others I knew of. some like the one on Browndown ranges (Lee on the Solent) appear to have gone. Others still extant I did not know about, the Churchill 1 on Kithurst Hill Nr Findon, Sussex


    a local historian claims it to be from the Calgary Regiment stationed in the area WW2 used as a PIAT target, she certainly shows many splash marks.

    PIAT Antitanque de 1943 - I imagine some will be able to identify the obsolete Mks used as targets in this video.

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