What happened, exactly 70 years ago?

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  1. smdarby

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    See attached. The official date given for when Eardley earned his VC is probably wrong (as I stated earlier in the thread).

    Eardley02.jpg Eardley01.jpg
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    What would be the correct date?
  3. smdarby

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    October 15 - that's when 4 KSLI attacked towards Smakt. It's in the attachments.

    I wouldn't be so bold as to say Thorburn is definitely correct, but he makes a convincing case.


  4. Mike L

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    I will be posting here on Sunday - 70 years after the death of my Uncle in one of the unfortunate tragedies of war.

    Not that any death is not tragic but this was just a bit of a cock-up and avoidable.
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  6. Nijmegen

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    Award earned, exactly 70 years ago, 18 October 1944.

    W/Corporal David Wilson Lynass Killen, 3 Royal Tank Regiment

  7. Mike L

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    Around 0500 on the 19th of October 1944 HMLCT 488 foundered in a whole gale in the Irish Sea.

    After leaviing Glasgow as part of convoy 0S92 LCT 488 was in tow to the Far East when a gale, one of the worst recorded in the Irish sea duing WW2, struck the convoy.

    Of the 9 LCTs towed by Merchant ships 6 were lost and approximately 50 RN sailors lost their lives, the majority with no known graves, including my Uncle Martin. He is commemorated on the Chatham Memorial.

    I have been involved with Landing Craft research now for many years and this anniversary is something of a landmark for me.

    Rest in Peace Martin Long,

    Petty Officer Motor Motor Mechanic, Royal Navy.

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  8. Nijmegen

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    We have to remember that 70 years ago, people were dying, so that we could live the life we now lead.

    Do what we want, say what we want.
  9. Lotus7

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    Remembering Gunner Collins for resourcefulness and valour. On and around the night of 21st/22nd Oct he held his ground so the unit he was with could retreat.
    This was in the vicinity of Bolk, North West of Turnhout.
    I'll post his citation later. He was awarded the Croix-de-Guerre for his bravery.

  10. Lotus7

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    Sorry for the delay, here's a link to the citation :


  11. Nijmegen

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    On behalf of Lotus7:

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    Thanks Nijmegen,
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    Nijmegen - Wel done :pipe:
  14. Nijmegen

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    Award earned, exactly 70 years ago, 25 October 1944.

    T/Major William Ellis Hamilton, 126 Field Regiment RA

  15. Nijmegen

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    Award earned, exactly 70 years ago, 29 October 1944.

    T/Major William Allan Tristan Gethin, 25 Field Regiment RA, 6 AGRA, 8 Corps

  16. Nijmegen

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    29 October 1944:

  17. Nijmegen

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    Award earned, exactly 70 years ago, 25 November 1944.

    Acting Captain James Thomas Lewis, 1 The Suffolk Regiment.
  18. Ron Goldstein

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    I see this thread started on the 12th of October.

    On that date my unit, the 49th LAA was at the point of being disbanded but we were still in the line and suffering in the lousy weather.

    Thursday 12th. October 1944
    Visited Div.Dentist at San Agato to have tooth stopped. Narrow shave on vehicle coming back. Tried 140 ft End-Fed Arial but no results. Received leter & some mags. On stag 2-4.

  19. Nijmegen

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    Award earned, exactly 70 years ago, 26 November 1944.

    WS/Sergeant Robert Millroy, 15 Scottish Recce Regiment
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  20. Paul Bradford

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    Forgive my ignorance, but can someone enlighten me as to how an English Officer submits a recommendation for a foreign award? I'm interested to know if this was a common occurrence.



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