What happened, exactly 70 years ago?

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    Couldn't open the link, but worth mentioning the 3rd British Infantry Div (supported by 6th Guards Tank Brigade) attacked and took Overloon in Holland on this day 70 years ago.
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    Very interesting article. Thanks for posting. It gives a very matter of fact description tinged with frustration at lack of progress on the European Fronts. Little did they know that the Battle of the Bulge was also fast approaching.
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    Yes. I took part in operation Aintree, and it was one of the worst battles ever. We lost men all over the place and the mines were planted like the devils teeth. Plant one, and it produces a thousand fold.Where there are mines, there is death and savage woundings. And the Dutch folk were hungry, so we shared some of our rations with them. having been wounded in Normandy... I felt safe..But now my time was running out.

    Overloon looked like a scene from WW1, the trees stripped of branches and foliage.The houses destroyed. You dug a hole to get out of the way of the shelling and it filled with water.. and then later Froze...YUK IT was there that I was awarded a Monties certificate and I am still waiting...

    Operation Aintree was a terrible place. The USA 7th armoured div had told us they would "Sweep through down to Venlo" after taking casualties from the enemy... they departed to the South.... never to be seen again. Third div had watched all this with growing apprehension, and Yes... sure as anything, we got the job. And were they failed...We took it....But my time was getting ever shorter.....All my ambitions for the post war life were going to fly out of the window..... for ever.

    That sounds garbled, and it was, sorry about that not in my best form today....
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    You were there and paid a very heavy Price.

    Your account was not garbled as far as I am concerned.

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    When I first visited Overloon a few years ago there was a memorial to the 2nd Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment wrtih the words "Overlord to Overloon." I couild not find it the last time I visited a couple of years ago. Coes anyone wknow what happened to it and where it is currently located?
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    I've visited Overloon a couple of times this year and did not seen it, nor have I seen any reference to it online.

    I did go to the Norfolks memorial just south of the village (near the Loobeek) in August and the figure of the soldier on top had gone missing. Presumably someone stole it.
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    Award earned exactly 70 years ago.

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    Serjeant Harold Eardley of 4 KSLI also won his VC on this day 70 years ago in nearby Smakt (just to the east of Overloon). The official report says his actions that led to the award of the VC took place on 16th Oct 1944, but it is likely this is a mistake (this topic has been discussed on a previous thread on this Forum).


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    70 years ago next tuesday 22nd October - Private "Smokey" Smith was awarded the V.C. for destroying a brigade of Panthers and

    killing many Panzer Grenadiers - who were trying to kill him -while our Squadron of Churchill Tanks were bogged down by the appalling
    weather and couldn't assist him - next day we were presented with one of the Panthers and we enjoyed stonking the makers with their

    long 75mm gun…


    "Smokey" was with the Seaforths of Canada
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    Award earned exactly 70 years ago.

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    Well researched! :pipe:
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    70 years ago today, 250 allied ships were anchored 2 miles off the shores of Greece and landed some 15,000 troops onto the beaches of St Georges Bay, near Athens, thus liberating Greece after nearly 4 years of brutal Nazi occupation.

    In the weeks leading up to the landings, operations by the Special Boat Squadron, Parachute Regiment, Raiding Support Regiment, RAF Regiment and Long Range Desert Group harried German Army Group Es withdrawal. The Germans however had left behind the largest minefield ever laid. 6 ships and 38 souls were lost to mines on the 15/10/44.

    Greek Prime Minister Georgios Papandreu's arrival speech opened with "We kiss the soil of our free country".
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