War Diary humour.

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    You mean he would be good to have alongside you if you got into a 'jam'

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    This from Counter-Battery Office of 10 Corps at Salerno (WO169/8597):

    Dud shell.JPG


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    From 4th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment in April 1945:

    Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 10.49.56 AM.png
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  5. Deacs

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    From the 222 Armoured Squadron Royal Engineers diary from May 1945 VE Day.

    Granda as to be involved he liked a drink :D
    222 squadron VE day.jpg
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    I don't suppose BOTHEL was a typo.....
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    Not from a war diary, but still made me smile so I thought I'd post this up.

    It's from a report dated 30.11.39 in CAB63/112 detailing intelligence gathered by the British on the trade negotiations between USSR and Germany after the Soviet-German pact of August 1939. It doesn't sound like the German trade delegation were having a great time!

    CAB63-112 - Germans in USSR - 1939.JPG


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