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    Reading through 1st Batt Liverpool Scottish war diaries searching for something, I came across this little Jem.
    Bawdsey, Suffolk. 28.6.40., 02.25 hours. D coy report six bombs in the neighbourhood of D coy HQ.
    These bombs were afterwards discovered to have fallen in a line 600 - 800 yds from D coy HQ. The craters averaged about 6' x 3'. Casualties; 2 x rabbits (killed) 1 x cow (injured).
    I'll Post any more that I find!!
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  2. 51highland

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    5th battalion Cameron Highlanders, New years day 1944: "A game of football between the Officers and Sgt`s was played in the afternoon, and resulted in a win for the Officers by 4 goals to 2. The football changed over to Rugby on numerous occasions during the course of the match".
    It doesn't state who changed the game though.!!!
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    I just this evening noticed that the newsletters in the appendices of the 6RWK diary regularly refer to a fellow battalion in the 36th Infantry Brigade (which I take to be the 8th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) as 'The Ladies'.

    Is this a local peculiarity or a common theme: kilts = skirts?
  4. 51highland

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    Maybe a reference to "Ladies from Hell" re 51st HD in 1st ww.
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    1st Camerons, May 1944. Hill 5120 Kohima: "Major C.D. Hunter, M.C., in the act of planning an ambush, received a Jap bayonet clean through his trousers. Only the swift action of the light automatics at his side prevented serious penetration of his inner defences!".
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