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    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a number of war diaries & whilst I've found their June 1944 contemporaries, I've been unable to spot the July dated items (which might mean that they've not yet been uploaded) or I might have to visit Kew myself :D ) but before i do that, I thought that I'd drop a quick message here to ask first (as this might also mean that I have sight of them before my trip to Normandy in early June)

    So units are...
    • 1st Bn Hampshire
    • 2nd Devonshire
    • 2nd Essex
    • 5th East Yorkshire
    • 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers
    • 6th Bn Green Howards
    • 7th Bn Green Howards
    • 7th Bn Duke of Wellington
    The reason for the enquiry is that I'm researching a number of PoWs (www.menintheshed.com) and I'd like to be able to work out approximately where the guys were when they were captured. I know that some would have been in the Hottot area, but tracking down further would be great... obviously, if anyone has details (if they exist) of wartime rosters so that I can work out who was in what company, then that would be an incredible bonus! :biggrin:

    So, thanks in advance & hoping that June's weather in Normandy will be like last year, rather than what it's like outside of my window at the moment!!

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    Just sent you a PM.


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