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  1. Tom OBrien

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    Another list of W.D. No's, this time for 141 RAC and found in the war diary of 30 Armd Bde Ordnance Field Park for July 1944 (WO171/30) as Appendices to a letter of 16 Jul 44:



    W.D. NO. Description. Total Vehicles held by 141 Regt. R.A.C. (The Buffs)

    REC.31705B )
    REC.68347B ) Churchill A.R.V. 4
    REC.68169B )
    REC.32032B )

    T.172514B )
    R.69135B ) Churchill I.V. (O.P.) 2

    T.68831B : T.32193B : T.32151B )
    T.68788B : T.32387B : T.32420B ) Churchill IV. 7

    T.172911B : T.172930B : T.172931B )
    T.172916B : T.172917B : T.173211B ) Churchill V. 6

    T.173264H : T.173265H : T.173266H )
    T.173152H : T.173262H : T.173267H )
    T.173183H : T.173153H : T.173269H )
    T.173157H : T.173151H : T.173271H )
    T.173155H : T.173156H : T.173272H )
    T.173285H : T.173154H : T.173270H )
    T.173282H : T.173278H : T.173161H )
    T.251648H : T.173167H : T.173162H )
    T.173176H : T.173168H : T.173274H )
    T.173177H : T.173169H : T.173275H ) Churchill VII. 56
    T.173178H : T.173170H : T.173276H )
    T.173179H : T.173172H : T.173277H )
    T.173180H : T.173281H : T.173163H )
    T.173181H : T.173283H : T.173280H )
    T.173182H : T.173284H : T.173166H )
    T.173174H : T.251651H : T.251652H )
    T.173173H : T.173185H : T.173187H )
    T.251649H : T.251656H : T.173184H )
    T.251654H : T.251653H.



    W.D. NO. Description. Total Total Already Scaled. Increase to Total.

    F.195601 : F.195673 )
    F.195687 : F.195528 )
    F.195928 : F.195924 )
    F.195918 : F.195889 ) Car, Scout, Humber Mk.I. 12 31 43
    F.195899 : F.195727 )
    F.195870 : F.195860 )

    I hope that is of use to someone.


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  2. KevinT

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    Hi Tom,

    Great info as always.

    I have 34 named Churchills belonging to 141 RAC but only 3 with census numbers in your post:-

    SANDLING T173174H
    SCOT T173283H
    SINNER T173267H

    T32151 also belonged to 7th RTR, 4th Batt Coldstream Guards and Ontario Regiment
    T68078B was IMP whilst with 9th RTR
    T68788B was also with 145th and 147th RAC between 1942 - 1943 in the UK
    T68831B was also with Calgary Regimemnt and 4th Batt Coldstream Guards

    I think i will add all the matches in an additional post.

    If anyone can add a name to any of the numbers please post.


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  3. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    Thanks. Do you have dates when T.32151 was with 7 RTR and 4 Coldstream Guards? I’m interested in the recycling of damaged/broken down tanks back into operational inventories.


  4. KevinT

    KevinT Senior Member

    Hi Tom,

    Coldstream Guards 1943
    7 RTR 1945

    Sorry i can't be more specific in this particular case.
    When i have checked all the numbers i will post any matches and put any dates i have if this helps.
    Many of the early Mk III's were moved within several of the Canadian Regiments many on a trials basis.


  5. Great list Tom!

    I noticed two oddities in the T-Nos of the Crocs (highlighted in Bold Red in the partial quote above):
    1. T.173177H appears twice. I suppose that the second one should read T.173277H instead?
    2. Should not T.183274H be T.173274H?

    The numbers are in almost complete sequence from T.173151 to T.173187, from T.173262 to T.173285 and from T.251648 to T.251656 with only a few gaps.
    Here are the only gaps in the three sequences, assuming the above two corrections are applicable:

    T.173158 : T.173263 : T251650
    T.173159 : T.173268 : T.251655
    T.173160 : T.173273
    T.173164 : T.173279

    I suppose that these 'missing' numbers could be either combat losses, reserve tanks or left in the UK for training purposes? Does someone have the number blocks of the first Crocodile orders for comparison?

  6. KevinT

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    Hi Tom,

    Found another match T173179 was with 7RTR in 1945
    Hi Michel,

    I have one of the missing numbers, T173186, as belonging to 107RTR


  7. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    Thanks for the two corrections - yes, you were right both times and I've updated the original post to reflect that. I must dig out my reading glasses!


    Thanks for the additional 7 RTR number from 1945.


  8. Tom,

    You are easily forgiven, because you do provide us with priceless info time and again.

    I wouldn't say the same for the clerks who mistyped in the original documents, because it was their job to do it right (although the occasional shell burst in their vicinity may be construed as extenuating circumstances) :D


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