Unknown Insignia on British Ammo box

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    Of course they do - most things you do you can dedo, which is an art in itself

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    Thanks TD,

    I shall make enquiries at my local industrial school:salut:
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    Be careful - as there are dedo and undo courses, make sure you get on the right one

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    Offered only as a possibility...

    Army Ordnance Services Part 7, Pamphlet No.11, Small Arms Ammunition. MLRS has a PDF version of the edition issued in February 1945. Table 16 is titled 'List of approved pictorial designs for British SAA boxes'. The design for .303-in tracer is described as a Pyramid. All designs are noted as being green (unless otherwise stated). I can't pretend to be able to discern a hint of green from the photos, or know whether it is the same type of box that would be marked in such a manner. The same publication has another table (14) that says .303 tracer was packed in box types H3, H13 and H20. I'm not familiar enough with army boxes to know if the one photographed might fit the bill for one of those types, and which were metal and which were wooden types.

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