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    hi guys
    i just register on this forum today with the hope to find information concerning Achiet-le-Grand.
    i did research on my village during WW1 and now wants to extend it to WW2
    close by an airdrome called Achiet ( B-54) was used by 313th troop carrier squadron but in reality was on Grevillers land.
    i had the chance to be in touch with one of the pilot who was based there and stayed in Achiet-le-grand only for a short time before the varsity operation. i did try to find others, the glider pilot association had only one left alive in their records and he couldn't remember his time here.
    i wonder if anyone could give me as much information as possible on the troops which freed the village. i guess on the same day of Bapaume
    any document, photos, maps would be much apreciated
    there was a train station so i guess it was use by the army
    kind regards

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