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    Given Shiny 9th's recent post on unit memorial to the 36th Div in the Arakan I thought it would be good to have a place where we could record Unit Memorials (not cemeteries or original graves) to the units that took place in the fighting in India and Burma from 1942-5. I've added a couple to start.

    First a 20th Indian Division Tulwar carved into a rock by 3/8th Gurkhas at the base of Point 5846 on the Silchar Track. Unfortunately recently vandalised.

    Second, memorial to those lost at Kohima by 4/15th Punjab Regiment. This has been replaced by a similar stone in the last couple of years. IMG_1312.JPG P1011404 B&W.JPG
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    Good idea. In the UK, badges cut on some chalk hillsides, by First World War units have been given some status. Can't see too much hope for Burma ones, but hope India might take an interest.
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    In 2016 a new memorial was unveiled on Op Hill, Henu in Burma. This is to commemorate the Chindit stronghold which became known as White City.

    White City Memorial 2016 Henu.jpg
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    During 2008 the tour I was with visited Mandalay Hill. This has many pagodas and other buildings forming part of a continuous flight of stairs all the way to the summit. There are several small plaque-type memorials to various British military units interspersed amongst these flights.

    Here are two photographs; one for the 19th Indian (Dagger) Division and the other for the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Berkshire's.

    Burma 2008 203 copy.jpg Burma 2008 205 copy.jpg
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    This is the stone monolith commemorating the lifting of the Siege of Imphal at milestone 109 Keithelmanbi on the main Imphal to Dimapur road. The efforts of the British 2nd Division and the Indian 5th Division are recognised in opening the road after the three month long siege.
    The idea to commemorate this event was conceived by the Imphal Campaign Foundation and I had the honour of researching the exact location and composing the wording for it. Unfortunately we were unable to place it at the exact spot shown on the official photographs taken in 1944 but just a few yards from it. The photo was taken in April this year when I was able to “inspect” the monument after it was officially erected four years ago. With me is fellow researcher and founder member of the ICF Rajeshwor Yumnam.

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    Raj has also been instrumental in organising a new memorial at the crash site of the B-25 Mitchell Bomber in which General Wingate was killed. As this does not represent an actual military unit, perhaps it does not belong on this thread.
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    I should have thought this more than merits a place here, otherwise how else would we know of it?! I’m sure Skoyen the thread starter would agree!
    Bamboo I have the photos somewhere that Raj sent me but would you like to post them please?

    PS this was another Imphal Campaign Foundation initiative in conjunction with and with the strong support of the local inhabitants near to the crash site.
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    Thanks Lionboxer,

    Here are the photos as requested. As you know, the memorial now sits close to the crash site, which is near the village of Thiulon in Tamenglong District.

    IMG-20190324-WA0013 copy.jpg IMG-20190325-WA0001 copy.jpg New Memorial copy.jpeg
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    Possibly the smallest memorial in Burma: a plaque placed by 236 Field Company, RE (29 Brigade, 36 Infantry Division) at Myadaung to commemorate the loss of three of its men men during 29 Brigade Group's crossing of the Irrawaddy.

    The three drowned, along with three men from 130 (Assault) Field Regiment, RA, when an improvised raft loaded with arty ammunition capsized in darkness mid-river.

    No photo of the memorial and it is surely long lost, but here's the mention in the unit's war diary:

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    Account of a Memorial to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in Kohima from the Western Mail 28 Nov 1944.

    RWF Memorial #1 Western Mail 28 Nov 1944.JPG RWF Memorial #2 Western Mail 28 Nov 1944.JPG RWF Memorial #3 Western Mail 28 Nov 1944.JPG RWF Memorial #4 Western Mail 28 Nov 1944.JPG
    And some more explanation from the RWF Museum Facebook Site. It sounds as if the original 1944 memorial no longer exists.

    The 1st Battalion, The Royal Welch Fusiliers fought at Kohima in April - May 1944. The 1RWF memorial, also pictured, was erected shortly after the battle, see photo of the unveiling and dedication ceremony. It took the form of a pillar with a cross on top and emblazoned with an RWF Flash. At the foot of the memorial was a scroll with the names of all the Battalion’s 76 casualties in the campaign. survived into the late 1960s but by then had deteriorated beyond repair it was replaced by a new Memorial Panel in Plot five of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery at Kohima.Some 36 or the 40 RWF casualties are buried in Plot five.

    RWF Memorial Kohima #1.jpg RWF Memorial Kohima ROH #2.jpg RWF memorial Kohima Unveiling 1944.jpg
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    In Memory of our comrades of the 9th Bn. York & Lancaster Regt. who fell in the Arakan. 1944-45.

    The reverse of this photograph states, "Taken in Akyab, Burma, 1945", so I have no idea of the exact location or even if the memorial still exists. Perhaps the War Diary of the 9th York & Lancaster Regiment can shed some light on its whereabouts.
    Burmaa 001.JPG
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    Excellent thread and I can see some detective work will be required, kudos to the above posts.
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    Yes, it was an excellent idea to put these up- as we can see there are quite a few dotted around.
  14. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hope this works as I couldn't attach directly (file size too big).
    Queen's Royal Regt. memorial in the grounds of the Rangoon Cathedral
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    Dead images here, I'm afraid.
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    Uploaded Rich's photos with his permission as they were too big in the original format. Nice addition to the thread so thanks!

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    Found reference to a memorial to the West Yorks that existed in 1944/5. Wonder if it still exists now? Memorial to West Yorks Imphal.jpg
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    A contemporary photograph of the Queen's Memorial at Rangoon Cathedral :

    1Q Rangoon.jpg
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    1st Queens Own Cameron Highlanders memorial at a Naga village, Kohima.

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