U.S. Vehicles with Michelin Tyres?

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    I visited an old factory today which was used during the war by an American Maintenance Company.

    During my visit I spoke with an old man who, as a boy, remembers the Yanks working on lots on large vehicles at the site including changing engines in tanks.

    On looking around I saw a few large tyres marked "Michelin X"

    Sorry if this is a silly question but would these have been used on U.S. Military vehicles during the period?

  2. Owen

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    Did you take photos of the tyres ?
  3. Dave55

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    Related. This page says their US manufacturing shut down in 1930 and didn't start again until 1950

    North America
    Michelin has been a part of the tire industry in the United States since 1907 when it purchased the International Rubber Company in Milltown, New Jersey. Tires and tubes were manufactured there up until 1930 when the Great Depression took its toll on what had become the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the country with 2,000 employees. The Michelin North America as we know it today took form In March of 1950

    About Michelin North America | Michelin US
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    The nomenclature of tyres carries the specification and also the year of manufacture although I do not know if the date of manufacture was in use at the time.

    Michelin established a factory in New Jersey in 1907.(Its HQ and factory was at Clermond Ferrand before and during the war.The head of Michelin was a Michelin who refused to collaborate with the Germans and died,I think in Dachau.

    Just posted as Dave.
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    Pictures of tyres attached.
    In one of the buildings are these 2 heavy metal plates which are shown. They appear to date from the same period and may have been used as armour.

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    many year ago i worked as a tyre fitter and one day while offering a old boy a choice of tyres i am sure when i got to Firestone he looked at me and said , if you saw a abandoned truck in the desert the chances were the firestones had blown out ! it had stuck with him needless to say he did not buy them !
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    Michelins are the best. I've had two bad sets of Firestones over the years.

    Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were good buddies. For years if you bought a new Ford it came with Firestones.


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