Tracking Down Centurion 02ZR72

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    My Grandfather Malcolm Sandison was part of C Squadron in the 17th/21st Royal Lancers in the mid-late 1950’s based in West Berlin, Germany. He was the driver of a Centurion Mk3 registration 02ZR72. For the past few years I have tried to track down his pride and joy, learning that the majority ended up being exported to Hong Kong for the Vietnam war and then onto Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Western countries and a fair few are still reportedly in use today. I have had no luck in finding this particular Centurion unfortunately or know what happened to it or whether it met it’s fate, and I wanted to do something extremely special for my Grandfather since time is getting on a bit. I’ve spent my entire life growing up listening to the amazing memories/stories he’s shared and told and they all evolve around this tank which he holds very dear to him! If anyone can shed any light on this I would be so very grateful and will forever be in your debt! In the meantime I am going to get into contact with Bovington to see about getting a copy of the key card relating to the tank, at least if possible this could also shed some key info on what eventually happened to the tank and hopefully allow me to find out the T number from which it was converted.



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