Throwing the 69 77 grenade with 247 fuze

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    Of all the grenades used by the commonwealth during WW2, the 69 and 77 grenade that used the 247 always fuze with its arming tape, that had to be thrown with a slight spin, while holding the tape in place with a finger, before thrown. I was wondering if it was such an awkward grenade to use and a danger to the user, especially when compared to the simplicity of using a pin and lever grenade like the Mills bomb. I also read on a casualty report that it didn't take much to set of a 69 or 77 blind if accidentally kicked or stepped on, as the cap inside only needs a light strike to set it off. The cap is different to a cartridge primer that needs a much heaver strike. Anyone thrown the 69 or 77 during their time in service back then?
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    No, but if you didn't clean the grease out of the striker tube in a 36 grenade, and as a result it did not go off, it did not need much of a jolt to cause it to go off as the spring was still compressed.
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    crikey did not know that very awkward

    Fuze No

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