Thomas Richard WATTLEWORTH, 7 Cheshires: Anzio?

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  1. My Grandfather Thomas Richard Wattleworth was in the Cheshires 7th Battalion. Im new at researching this, i can’t find any information at all naming him. I recall him telling a story of being a hero at Anzio, i’m sure he used to show us a paragraph from a book. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Your grandfather is mentioned once at Page 281 in the regimental history: 'The History Of The Cheshire Regiment In The Second World War' (Crookenden). He was involved in a rear-guard action at Anzio.

    I will set this out this evening for you.


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  4. Oh really!! Youve found it, that would be great, thank you so so much Do you have any other interesting material I could pass on to my Mum please? All she has is that he signed up 15/03/40 to 7th battalion, she thinks he was a reserve in the Liverpool Kings Regiment before that but they wouldn’t sign him up for some reason?

  5. Thank you Steve, yes i found those forms earlier actually, ive told my mum we will print them and get them posted once we are back to normal.
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    Best advice is to post them off now so they are in the queue.

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  7. No printer at home unfortunately but thanks!
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    7 CHESHIRES were the Machine Gun Battalion for 5 Infantry Division from Nov 41. They provided all the heavy weapons for the Division’s three Infantry Brigades - 20mm Oerlikons, 4.2 inch mortars and Vickers Medium Machine Guns.

    They deployed with 5 Infantry Division into Italy at Reggio di Calabria on 3 Sep 43 and steadily progressed northwards. In Jan 44, they crossed the Garigliano near Cassino before being withdrawn and sent instead to Anzio where they stayed until the breakout in May 44.

    They ended in war in NW Europe.

    The Division were known as the Globetrotters. They had quite a war.


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  9. Thank you so much! Makes me very proud :)
    Gillian x
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    From Pages 280 and 281 in the regimental history: 'The History Of The Cheshire Regiment In The Second World War' (Crookenden).
    Words in square brackets added by me to aid understanding.

    References to the infantry is likely to ‘D’ company, 1st Bn Green Howards.

    ‘all four guns’ will likely be a reference to their Vickers Medium Machine Guns.
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  11. AMAZING! Thank you so much for this Steve :)


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