The Third Reich in Colour

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    I don't think there is any significance to the trawlers. They are trawlers and not Vorpostenbooten so I think the cameraman has just liked the scene and taken the photos as the Raumbooten head back to the same port as the fishing boats..
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    Hey, they left out the dormers when they re-roofed it. Lazy SOBs!
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    It looked a mess in the 60s.
    roof needed repair, couple of photos here.
    Photos -
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    The scene showing fishing boats could be Western France.The French were allowed to fish according to strict security arrangements in certain areas under supervision.Any fishing boat extending beyond its authorisation area was likely to be intercepted by Kreigsmarine fishing patrol boats and Luftwaffe air patrols.

    Even so in places such as Brittany,clandestine activity took place using this type of vessel for Free French volunteers to escape from France and join CDG. Such fishing boats were also used to evacuate French agents whose activities had been exposed and were thought to be under extreme risk of arrest.Gilbert Renault (Col Remy... involved in coordination and intelligence related for the Normandy landings) and his family were brought out by fishing boat when he was in extreme danger of being arrested.

    Additionally there was intense clandestine activity to and fro by SIS and SOE using RN MGBs for Brittany operations from Cornish and Devon bases.The Kreigsmarine countered these activities with inshore patrols and aircraft surveillance.
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    Just finished a new tray and by far these were in the roughest condition. I spent more time than the others trying to get them in a viewable condition. Not sure why this tray were in such bad condition but always interested in your feedback and opinions IMG_0001r.jpg
    IMG_0009t.jpg IMG_0010t.jpg IMG_0011t.jpg IMG_0012t.jpg IMG_0013t.jpg IMG_0014t.jpg IMG_0015t.jpg IMG_0016t.jpg IMG_0017t.jpg
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    The remaining of the group.
    IMG_0021t.jpg IMG_0022t.jpg
    IMG_0025t.jpg IMG_0026t.jpg
    IMG_0027t.jpg IMG_0028t.jpg
    IMG_0029t.jpg IMG_0031t.jpg IMG_0032t.jpg
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    Interesting site...some history there going back to William the Conqueror.

    According to the history of the site.The Gate shown was known as the Porte Saint Pierre and the castle was built on the ruins of a fortress built by the Conqueror.Further on, northwards within the site is the Donjon Chateau de Caen. There is also the Eglise Saint Georges within the site,facing the Porte Saint Pierre entrance.

    The Porte Saint Pierre entrance faces the Eglise St Pierre,external to the site.
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    Third photo from top, in post #67, seems to show (captured?) maxim water cooled machine gun.

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