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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Dave55, Feb 28, 2020.

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    A bit like the Respirators currently being assembled by that Imperial College(?)/UCL consortium (think that's correct although I'm losing count etc), these will now be off Patent so perfectly legit to Reverse Engineer, improve and manufacture.

    A pity that Reverse Engineering doesn't also reverse the whole process. Combovers could be the new Weirdy Beardy fashion; always intrigued by bald headed chaps with big flowing beards - that flow could now go upwards and secured into some sort of man bun.
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    There was an article on the BBC suggesting that Swedish society is a bit different from our own. They are supposed to be more trusting of authority like Govt and experts so have been taking advice to work from home, social distance etc without having to be ordered to do it. Also greater percentage of single person homes.

    Lockdown, what lockdown? Sweden's unusual response

    One size does not necessarily fit all.
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    Morrisons email me to say today's order will have the pack of salt & vinegar kettle chips replaced with another plain salted.

    It's like living in Mad Max.
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    Beautiful shots of Sea Point and Cape Town during lockdown

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    It just has been made official: the lock down in Holland has been prolonged until 28 April.


    ... time to rearrange my bookcase (again)
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    In North America, an entirely new breed of Walmart shopper has emerged from hiding.

    walmart shoppers.jpg walmart1.jpg
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    The movie of the same name was pretty good too. Never read the book though.

    Our governor extended the lock down/stay home thing until April 30th, and possibly into May if the curve here in Louisiana doesn’t flatten out a bit.

    I want my lawnmower.
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    Denial seems to be particularly US thing. Over on another site I frequent there is a hard core of seemingly largely retired US military types from the more southern states (Deliverance country?!!!) who simply trot out the old line that it is nothing worse than the normal flu and the world is nuts for trashing the economy. Any advice let alone instruction from state let alone federal authorities is seen as some kind of challenge to their constitutional rights to do as they please. Any reduction in predicted death rates is interpreted as justification for their view that the world is overreacting. Anyone pointing out that the scientists revisions of death rates takes account of the effects of the various restrictions put in place are dismissed as swallowing govt propaganda and if they persist subjected to personal attacks. Living in the back woods they dismiss all media reports from places like New York. They believe that the US healthcare system is the best in the world and there is enough resource to treat everyone without trashing the economy and don’t care about anyone living on either coast.

    I often think that they are like kids ignoring a scolding from their parents. Fingers shoved in ears and singing la la la to block out the unpleasant message!

    Sorry. They just make my blood boil. OK rant over ....for today!!!
  11. stolpi

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    I hear some grumbling about the hardships of the quarantaine.


    If they would have known that a war could be won by simply STAYING AT HOME ...... they would have laughed their AO.

    Keep Your Distance and Stay at Home
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  12. Rich Payne

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    This is a long thread...I may have missed the odd bit. Apologies if you've seen this, but it made me smile.

  13. ozzy16

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  14. ltdan

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    They should explain their sufferings from quarantine to these:
    A1.jpg A2.jpg A3.jpg
    Italian Hospital staff....
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  15. stolpi

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    The Coronapocalyps in Holland:

    On Feb 27th, 2020, the first case of Covid19 was discovered in Holland. In late afternoon of Sunday 15 March public live in Holland was partly locked down for the next three weeks. Bars and restaurants were closed, social distancing, no public gathering of over 100 people (until April 6th). At the time we had 1413 registered patients and 24 deaths (numbers as of 16 March). The actual number of infections was higher, because not everyone in Holland is tested, but only those who are "at risk of a serious disease course" - the number of infections on 16 March was estimated at about 6000 people.

    Since then I've been editing on a daily basis how the situation in Holland rapidly changes:

    17 March - 19 new death cases, that makes 43; total confirmed patients 1705 (an increase of 292)
    18 March - 15 new deaths, total now risen to 58; total confirmed patients 2051 (an increase of 346)
    19 March - 18 new deaths, total now 76; total confirmed patients 2465 (an increase of 414)
    20 March - 30 people died over the last 24 hours; total now 106; total confirmed patients 2994 (an increase of 529)
    21 March - 30 deaths in the last 24 hours, death toll now 136; total confirmed patients 3631 (an increase of 637)
    22 March - 43 deaths, death toll now 179; total confirmed patients 4216 (an increase of 585)
    23 March - 34 people died over the last 24 hours; total number 213; total confirmed patients 4.749 (an increase of 533)

    As of March 23rd further restrictions became effective - (an almost complete) lock down: schools were closed, no public gathering of more than two people, work at home, social distancing (measures are effective until April 6th)

    24 March - 63 deaths; total number now 276; total confirmed patients 5560 (increase of 811)
    25 March - 80 new deaths, total now 356; total confirmed patients 6412 (an increase of 852)
    26 March - 78 deaths, total now 434; total confirmed patients 7431 (an increase of 1019)
    27 March - 112 deaths, total now 546; total confirmed patients 8603 (an increase of 1172)
    28 March - 93 new deaths, total now 639; total confirmed patient 9762 (an increase of 1159).
    29 March - 132 new deaths, the death toll now is 771; total confirmed patients 10.866 (an increase of 1104)
    30 March - 93 new deaths, total now is 864; total confirmed patients 11.750 (an increase of 884)
    31 March - 175 new deaths, total now 1.039; total confirmed patients 12.595 (an increase of 845)
    1 April - 134 new deaths, total now 1.173; total confirmed patients 13.614 (an increase of 1.019)
    2 April - 166 new deaths, the death toll now is 1.339; total confirmed patients 14.697 (an increase of 1.083).
    3 April - 148 new deaths, total number now 1.487; total confirmed patients 15.723 (an increase of 1.026)

    Edit today:
    4 April - 164 new deaths, total now 1.651; total conformed patients 16.627 (an increase of 902)

    ... on the positive side: It looks as if the curve flattens. We're now near the end of the third week of our lock down which started 15 March and which for the time being will last until 28 April. The total hospital admittance today rose with 336 (yesterday 502, the day before yesterday, and the days before that 625; 447 resp. 722).

    On the negative side:
    The limited number of available IC-beds is currently causing some headaches. Where last week it was assumed that the number of corona patients on the ICs would peak by the end of May, it is now thought that over 2400 IC beds will be needed within two weeks. That is very problematic. By pulling out all the stops there are at most 2400 beds by the end of this week and that will the absolute maximum. There simply is no staff enough to man more beds. "If after that someone is in need of ventilation, we'll have a serious problem", a leading IC doctor recently announced. "We then enter a black scenario, you don't want to think about that".

    In Holland only the deaths of people where the virus has been diagnosed in a laboratory test are registered as Covid19 victims. It is suspected that the actual mortality may be twice as high as the official figures show.

    For comparison the number of Covid deaths per million of inhabitants:
    Spain (49 mln), with 11.744 deaths, is 239,67
    Italy (62,1 mln) with 14.681 deaths, the number is 236,41
    France (62,8 mlin) with 6.507 deaths, is 103,61
    Holland (17,1 mln) with 1.487 deaths, it now is: 97,12
    UK (64,7 mln) this number, with 3.605 deaths, is: 55,71
    USA (326,1 mln) with 7.159 deaths, it's 21,95
    Germany (83,1 mln) with 1.275 deaths is 15,34
    Canada (37,6 mln) with 188 deaths is 5,0
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  16. Dave55

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    “It is in our DNA to roll up our sleeves and help our country in times of need. During WWII, we made parachutes for the U.S. military. And today, we are pleased to provide critically needed PPE for the health care workers on the front lines of this fight.”
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    Up to a week ago we had 1 in 5 people here who were downplaying or dismissing the threat. That attitude is pretty much gone now and the public are beginning to turn on those who are being reckless. Only the imbeciles and ideologically possessed remain on the fringe.
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    Might be some foreign name or dinky bottles, but didn't seem so.

  19. Dave55

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    Corona beer has been a big seller here for years. I don't like it much but many others seem to. The trendy thing was to put a lime peel in the bottle about 20 years ago. I don't know if that's still done.
  20. von Poop

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    Looking it up, the 'ita' name seems to be from some South American countries & used for smaller bottles.
    Never seen it as Coronita here before.
    Maybe another weird side effect of this business.

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