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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Dave55, Feb 28, 2020.

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    So far my lawnmower has been in the shop for one week. They said it’ll with them for at least two weeks. The front yard still looks fine since we’ve had no measurable rain for about two weeks. The backyard, well it won’t be long before I’ll have to get out and bail hay back there. I have 6 yards to cut, and the weather has been wonderful lately. Bright sunshiny days, low humidity and mild temps. I miss hopping on the mower, sparking up a few stogies while listening to the tunes on the headset and working on the tan. And getting the grass cut too.
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    Good luck Forrest.
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    I set up an online Supermarket account in 2017, not long after I had a stroke. For a few months until I was deemed safe to drive, it was brilliant. I updated my account a few days ago, so it's been while since I used it. It took a while before i got used to the process and ordered the essentials I needed, until checkout an hour and a half later. I did not qualify for a delivery. :mad:

    On my daily walk, close to the Supermarket, it was clear of people. Purchased a new bag and got everything I needed. Shelves fully stocked and I was out and done in record time. Protective screens had been erected at the checkout for the benefit of staff & customers alike. I thanked them for the great work they are doing in difficult times.
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    Please don't forget to mute your camera when you take a natural break...

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    Apparently one of the symptoms of Covid-19 is a loss of taste and smell. The mutt has just walked into the room we are working from and farted. Nothing wrong with our sense of smell.
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    The Coronapocalyps in Holland:

    On Feb 27th, 2020, the first case of Covid19 was discovered in Holland. In late afternoon of Sunday 15 March public live in Holland was partly locked down for the next three weeks. Bars and restaurants are closed, social distancing, no public gathering of over 100 people (until April 6th). At the time we had 1413 registered patients and 24 deaths (numbers as of 16 March). The actual number of infections is higher, because not everyone in Holland is tested, but only those who are "at risk of a serious disease course" - the number of infections on 16 March was estimated at about 6000 people.

    Since then I've been editing on a daily basis how the situation in Holland rapidly changes:

    17 March - 19 new death cases, that makes 43; total confirmed patients 1705 (an increase of 292)
    18 March - 15 new deaths, total now risen to 58; total confirmed patients 2051 (an increase of 346)
    19 March - 18 new deaths, total now 76; total confirmed patients 2465 (an increase of 414)
    20 March - 30 people died over the last 24 hours; total now 106; total confirmed patients 2994 (an increase of 529)
    21 March - 30 deaths in the last 24 hours, death toll now 136; total confirmed patients 3631 (an increase of 637)
    22 March - 43 deaths, death toll now 179; total confirmed patients 4216 (an increase of 585)
    23 March - 34 people died over the last 24 hours; total number 213; total confirmed patients 4.749 (an increase of 533)

    As of March 23rd further restrictions became effective - (an almost complete) lock down: schools were closed, no public gathering of more than two people, work at home, social distancing (measures are effective until April 6th)

    24 March - 63 deaths; total number now 276; total confirmed patients 5560 (increase of 811)
    25 March - 80 new deaths, total now 356; total confirmed patients 6412 (an increase of 852)
    26 March - 78 deaths, total now 434; total confirmed patients 7431 (an increase of 1019)
    27 March - 112 deaths, total now 546; total confirmed patients 8603 (an increase of 1172)
    28 March - 93 new deaths, total now 639; total confirmed patient 9762 (an increase of 1159).
    29 March - 132 new deaths, the death toll now is 771; total confirmed patients 10.866 (an increase of 1104)
    30 March - 93 new deaths, total now is 864; total confirmed patients 11.750 (an increase of 884)
    31 March - 175 new deaths, total now 1.039; total confirmed patients 12.595 (an increase of 845)

    Edit today:
    1 April - 134 new deaths, total now 1.173; total confirmed patients 13.614 (an increase of 1.019)

    ... on the positive side: though the total death number is still rising, it may be cautiously concluded that the curve of new cases is flattening ... we're now in the third week of our lock down which started 15 March and lasts until 28 April.

    On the negative side: The limited number of available IC-beds is currently posing a serious problem. Where last week it was assumed that the number of corona patients on the ICs would peak at 2500 at the end of May, it is now thought that 2500 IC beds will be needed within two weeks. That is very problematic. By pulling out all the stops there are at most 2400 beds by the end of this week. The absolute limit will be reached at 2600 beds. There simply is no staff enough to man more beds. "If after that someone on the sidewalk is in need of ventilation, we'll have a serious problem", a leading IC doctor recently announced. "We then enter a black scenario, you don't want to think about that".

    There are two reasons for the adjusted prognosis: a larger influx of corona patients in hospitals and a changed calculation method: where corona patients were previously thought to be on an IC bed for an average of ten days, the assumption is now 23 days. That means a much lower outflow, which means that IC's fill up faster. If a longer stay had been taken into account earlier, stricter restrictive measures - closing of catering, offices and schools - might have been necessary earlier in Holland.

    For comparisson the number of Covid deaths per million of inhabitants:
    Italy (62,1 mln) with 12.428 deaths, the number is 200,13
    Spain (49 mln), with 8.464 deaths, is 172,73
    Holland (17,1 mln) it now is: 69
    France (62,8 mlin) with 3.523 deaths, is 56,10
    UK (64,7 mln) this number, with 1.789 deaths, is: 27,65
    USA (326,1 mln) with 4.080 deaths, it's 12,51
    Germany (83,1 mln) with 775 deaths is 9,33
    Canada (37,6 mln) with 102 deaths is 2,71
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    Canine doesn't come any worse than that.
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    surglings who get teeth and you have to change diapers - worst olfactory armageddon I´d ever experienced...
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    Long had the intention of casting such with a Norfolk swordsmith mate, but never seem to get around to it.
    Really intrigued at how robust they are.
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    Experiments tell me: well manufactured Bronze blades are essentially better than such made of early wrought iron
    Just a hint: After the casting the blade edges had to be honed, preferably with a brass hammer ;-)
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    Our bloomery didn't go so well (tried using dug ore, probably should have found a better source).
    But lordy it was fun trying, and we did at least get enough for a few odds & sods.

    Err, sorry... drifting off Covid a bit... Everybody's so bored now I'm assuming that's possibly fine.
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    A bit like haircuts, lawnmowers, or the non-availability of them has become an issue for me also. My Dad's mower is with the mechanic and is now in isolation for two weeks.
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    I´m able to respond hence I´m alive
    use scale, it´s a nice and cheap substitute for bog iron ore
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    This argument was had.
    Group of purists!
    Our leader, the Binns, wanted from scratch or nothing.
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    "near the second half of May"

    Odd. Seven weeks never seemed like an exceptionally long period of time, until recently!.
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    I remember reading this book as part of my high school curriculum. It was classed as science fiction.

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    I'm sure we can get around this, as long as we cover all angles. Might have a chat with the original owner and call it the "Sir Bob."

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