The Capture of Rauray (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry et alia)

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    So as seems most logical (Thanks SDP!) I have split the stages of the "Battle of Rauray" now into:

    The Capture of Rauray by the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry et alia (This one!)


    The Defence of Rauray by the 24th Lancers, Tyneside Scottish et alia.
    Defence of Rauray by the 24th Lancers, Tyneside Scottish et alia

    The overall original Rauray thread is here:
    The Battle of Rauray (19th June to 2nd July, 1944)

    More to come.

    Please follow the thread....

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    Interesting to hear about Sherwood Rangers at Rauray, although not mentioned at Cristot.

    On the 50th Anniversary of D-Day we took some of our local Legion members to Normandy. One of them was Don Asquith, an ex-tankee. Don and a couple of other of our veterans received their Normandy medals at Arromanches (another story there).

    On the day before we left Normandy Don asked if we could visit Cristot on the way to the ferry. When we arrived there he immediately recognised the church and recalled being in a nearby field during a heavy infantry and mortar attack. There is another story about our visit to Cristot, but not really relevant to this thread. The thing is I am fairly sure Don said he was with the Sherwood Rangers but they are almost never mentioned in connection to Cristot - any ideas?

    Sadly Don passed away several years ago so I can't ask him.
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    Mike, I've pm'd you a reply!

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    Mike L

    Remember that the three armoured Regiments of the 8th Armoured Brigade were being continuously rotated on an almost daily basis between the front line and rest areas. This means that, by pure statistical chance, the attacks on Cristot involved 4/7RDG and 24L. The SRY were otherwise engaged. The same rotation had the effect at Rauray that SRY occupied Rauray, were rotated out and replaced by 24L who just happened to be there for the Defence of Rauray.

    I've checked my files and have no trace of Don being with 24L so he is likely to have been with SRY or 4/7RDG.
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    A place for some links to: The Capture of Rauray (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry et alia)


    "Breaking the Panzers: The Bloody Battle for Rauray" by Kevin Baverstock" - seems to be the consensus for "books" to buy as regards this one.


    General Tony Richardson, the ex chair of the NVA (who died recently) wrote a piece for the Essex Yeomanry association website: A long day in Normandy


    IWM audio files:

    Reginald Elliott: (served with 11th Bn Durham Light Infantry in France at Rauray): Elliott, Reginald (Oral history) (30140)

    Documentary? Films?: (Well one can hope! :) )

    Operation Epsom - Capture of Rauray Spur - has several parts in which the SRY are included (Particularly "A" squad SRY)

    (More to follow in post, post edit here....)
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    A place for some events for: The Capture of Rauray (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry et alia)
    (Nb. War diaries tend to have the main details here, these are just some highlights that might be pointed out and considered for further comment or research. In some cases the accounts in the individual war diaries might differ and accounts on the German side might have additional, or conflicting information too. So as I said further comment or research might be due if anyone is aware of where current contentions might lie! There could be little chance to completely lift the fog of war but at least we have a chance to know where the densest patches are.)

    Monday 26th June -

    Tuesday 27th June -

    SRY apparently managed to capture intact a Tiger tank and a Panther and bring these back to allied lines.
    There's some film in the IWM archive of these being scrutinised by allied soldiers (the IWM descriptions of the films content can be read here, it is in something like 5 parts): Imperial War Museums

    Wednesday 28th June -

    Thursday 29th June -

    On Friday 30th June 1944 -

    The 24th L moved to the Rauray area. Rauray at this time was in allied hands but was threatened by axis patrols and an enemy counterattack on Rauray was thought imminent...

    (More to follow in post, post edit here....)
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    duplicate - deleted
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    Questions on this topic for further research

    # This seems rather complete for now, so asides from filling in bits and bobs - as post post edits - I am probably going to press on...

    # Any other questions unanswered as yet on this thread ???
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    This link: The Creully Club - Newsletter

    (With the account there (about 1/2 way down the webpage) of the 4th/7th's RDG's involvement on the 26th June 1944 in the battle of Tessel Woods):

    Seem's to have some bearing here on these later events (from the creullyclud from which I quote):

    "The failure of the 26th June was partially compensated next day when the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry had a successful day at Rauray when the days tally of the enemy was 13 Panzer Mk IVs knocked out, a Tiger tank, a Panther tank and an assault gun captured intact. Rauray was finally secured on 1st July and the onslaught of the 12th SS Panzer Division had been stopped at a cost.
    To commemorate the Battle of Tessel Wood* a bronze plaque was placed on the buttress at the front of the Church on behalf of the Club, with the kind permission of the Mayor of Tessel, M Alain Paysant and in the chancel the names of those in the four Regiments who were killed on that day.
    The bocage has now mainly disappeared but just south of Fontenay-le-Pesnel in the area where the attack started there is a tall hedge which could easily have been the one which our tanks could not traverse because of the intense fire from the Panther tanks. Nearby only the badly damaged tower of Fontenay-le-Pesnel church is a reminder of what happened in the area. Going down the road from north to south, to the east of Tessel Wood overlooking La Grande Ferme the advantage the enemy tanks had is very obvious.
    Tessel is quiet and peaceful; no noise of cars or aeroplanes. Walking north of the Church where the fighting raged, the courage and the endeavour of those young people who took part in the Battle of Tessel Wood is palpable."

    *The area is marked on the maps and generally known as Tessel Wood but is in fact in the Commune of Juvigny
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