Tanker suits issued to the RA

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    I was going to ask "were the RA issued tanker suits, at least for SP crews" and then I looked at photographs on my hard drive and answered the question for myself. But I spent a few more minutes this morning looking at IWM photos of M10 crews and I thought I would post the pictures I found.

    It is pretty clear from these pictures that (at least some) regiments with M10s or Archers were issued winter tanker suits. I don't know about the denim ones though.

    M10 crews:


    And Archers:
    In this last photo it is a little bit of a question as they are not facing head on. Two of them are wearing something hooded but the standing man (either the commander or gunner, to use non-RA terms) looks to be wearing something overtop of that, like one of those leather vests whose specific name escapes me. And is the closest man just wearing battle dress?

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