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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Philip Reinders, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Sorry to trouble you all but would, perchance, any kindly soul have a spare copy of “Dunkirk. A Personal Memoir” by Ralph W. Wild knocking about?

    I’d love to read it as, like Ralph, Grandad served in 92nd Field Regiment.



    Looks like it may be another that will be very hard to find. I can, apparently, get a copy on Amazon for a mere £981.99, from Romania. Highly tempting I hear you all cry.

    What with the £164 previously quoted to me by East Sussex Record Office for printing George Aris’s “The Ninety-Second; A Short Outline of the 92nd Field Regiment RA”, books on the 92nd don’t come cheap! (maybe a trip down to Brighton one day refers).

    Thank you :salut:
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    That is marvellous, Adam, thank you very much for this.
  4. No problem, let me know if it's a good read as my grandad was in an RA Field Regiment at Dunkirk too.
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    Will do.

    I dropped them an email a couple of days back to check if they’re “business as usual” at the moment, before I mail them an order. Not heard back yet so may try giving them a call.
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    Gunners in Normandy has now been published. This is the next book in the Blue Book series and covers the Royal Artillery in NW Europe from January 1942 to the end of August 1944. The History Press | Gunners in Normandy
    If anyone can put up a case for a review copy send me a PM
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    Book arrived today I am very happy to report. Not sure when I will read it, but it shouldn’t take long when I do. A slim one at 126 pages but hopefully well worth having.

    Thanks again for the tip.
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    I have just finished reading this, Adam, and I thoroughly enjoyed it although, of course, I am biased given it’s my Grandfather’s Regiment.

    Yes, it’s only 120 pages or so but I learned quite a bit about where they went and what they went through and interesting information about, for example, artillery boards, why the 92nd ended up being transferred from their “home” 5th Division to the 50th for the campaign and how badly the Regiment’s guns were used during the Arras offensive of late May (i.e. barely at all!)

    It was also very interesting to tally what the author wrote with the War Diary I now have for the campaign; as Ralph Wild was a clerk I also wonder if he typed the war diary.

    Not a long book but, for me anyway, well worth every penny.

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