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    I am wondering how to get a copy of the book listed above in the title.? My father was in the RCA 12thnfield regiment in WW2. Not much information out there. Any help is appreciated.

    I don’t have the time to make scans of the books but here is a list of the World War II Royal Artillery and Commonwealth Artillery books in my library that have not already been listed on this thread:

    4th (Durham) Survey Regt., R.A. (May, 1946)
    12/25 Field Battery, R.A. from 1942-1945 (1946)
    13th Anti-Tank Regiment, RA (Mimeographed, 1945)
    15th Field Regiment Royal Artillery: Regimental Record of War Service 1939-1945 (1948)
    24th Field Regiment, R. A. 1939-1945 (1947)
    26 A. A. Brigade at War! (1945)
    31st Field Regiment RA: A Record(Owen N Roberts, 1994)
    42nd Field Battery Royal Artillery War Diary Feb. 1943-Feb 1945 (1945)
    60th Fld Regt RA, SEAC (Bette Vickers, 1989)
    70th Medium Regt. R.A. (1946 ?)
    72nd (Middx.) Searchlight Regiment, R.A. (T.A.): Regimental Standing Orders, War (1939)
    87th Heavy AntiAircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery 1939-1945 (Lt Col I G G Wilkinson, 1950)
    The 99th London Welsh Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Regiment of Artillery 1939-1945 (1945)
    105 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, British Liberation Army (1945)
    113th Field Regiment, R.A. 1939-1945 (1945)
    121 Field/Medium Regiment Royal Artillery 1939-1945 (1946)
    125th Anti-Tank Regiment, R.A. 1939-1945 (1946)
    153rd Liecestershire Yeomanry Field Regiment R.A., T.A. 1939-1945 (1947)
    226 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery 1939-1945: A Personal Account of the Caithness and Orkney Battery (Douglas Thomson, no date)
    264th (7th London) Field Regiment Royal Artillery (T.A.): A Short History (Capt R L Seaman, RA, 1948) (56th, 64th, and 117th Field Regiments, RA)
    267th (Worcestershire) Field Regiment Royal Artillery (T.A.) (1964)
    A Fury of Guns: The War Diary of the 75th (Cinque Ports) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, (Territorial Army). Dover, 1939-40 (Including the Battle of Britain) (Peter Erwood, 1999)
    A History of 14th Field Regiment Royal Artillery (Maj. W G Clarke, 1995)
    A History of the Essex Yeomanry 1919-1949 (P W Gee. 1950) (104 (Essex Yeomanry Regt, RHA; 414 (Essex Yeomanry) Bty, RHA; 14 Regt, RHA; 147 (Essex Yeomanry) Field Regt, RA; 191 (Herts and Essex Yeomanry) Field Regt, RA;
    A Short History of the 57th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (1947)
    Action Front! A History of ‘C’ Battery HAC in War and Peace (James Colquhoun,1992) (C Bty, 12th HAC Regiment, RHA)
    An Eighth Army Odessey (H. J. Griffin,1997) (73 Medium/Anti-Tank Regt, RA)
    An Outline History of 57th (East Surrey) Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery 1939-1945 (G S Abbott, 1945)
    Anzie Beachhead: Diary of a Signaller (T Roe, 1988)(78 (City of Edinburgh) Field Regt, RA)
    Battery Bumph: Official Organ of the ‘Nines’ 1939-1945 (1945) (359 Bty, 138 (City of London) Field Regt., R.A.)
    Before The Echoes Die Away (N D G James, 1980 (68 Field Regt., RA)
    Brief Historical Notes on the Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carrick’s Own) 152 Field Regiment, R.A. 1939-1945 (Major B M Knox, MC, RA, 1946)
    Coast Artillery in Sicily and Italy 1939-1945 (Col. S. C. Tomlin, 1945)
    D-Day to Arnhem: With the Hertfordshire’s Gunner (Major Robert Kiln, 1993) (86 Field Regt, RA)
    Drama in Malta: A Personal Flashback (Lt Col H E C Weldon, no date) (7 Light AA Regt, RA)
    Dunkirk-Alamein-Bologna: Letters and Diaries of an Artilleryman 1939-1945 (C Seton-Watson, 1993) (2 Regt, RHA)
    Field of Fire: Diary of a Gunner Officer (Jack Swaab, 2005) (51st Divisional Artillery)
    Fire by Order: Recollection of Service with 656 Air Observation Post Squadron in Burma (E W Maslen-Jones, 1997)
    From Normandy to Victory with the South Notts Hussars (R G Paisleu, 1945) (107 Medium Regt, RA)
    Grandad’s War: The Personal Diary of an O. R. , 1942-1943 (J M Clayton, 1992) (57 (Wessex) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regt, RA)
    Gunfire Target: Six Years with the Royal Artillery (E A Oates, 1996) (11 Field Regt, RA)
    Gunner and Guru (David Turner, 1988) (100 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regt, RA)
    Gunner Green’s War (1938~1946) (L J Green, 1999) (51 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt, RA)
    Gunners in the Jungle: A Story of the 2/15 Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, 8 Division, Australian Imperial Force (1983)
    Guns Against Tanks: L Troop, 33rd Battery, 7th New Zealand Anti-Tank Regiment in Libya, 23 November 1941 (E H Smith, 1948)
    Guns and Bugles: The Story of the 6th Bn KSLI – 181st Field Regiment, R. A. 1940-1946 (Don Neal, 2001)
    Guns and Gunners: The Story of the 2/5th Australian Field Artillery Regiment in World War II (J W O’Brien)
    History of the 44 L. A. A. Regiment RA (1945)
    History of 62 A. A. Brigade, 25th July 1944 until the German Surrender in Italy, 2 May, 1945 (Lieut. C J Titchener, RA, )
    History of 107 H.A.A. Regiment, R. A. 1940-1945 (T.. G. Cawte, nodate)
    History of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 6th Battalion 93rd Anti-Tank Regiment, R.A. (A & S H) (William Pratt Paul, 1949)
    History of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 9th Battalion 54th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. (A & S H) (Lt Col F R P Barker, 1950)
    History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: Anti-Aircraft Artillery, 1914-55 (Brig N W Routleldge, RA, 1994)
    History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: The Far East Theatre 1941-1946 (Gen Sir M Farndale, 2002)
    History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: The Years of Defeat 1939-41 (Gen Sir M Farndale, 1996)
    History of the Sixth Anti-Tank (1946) (6th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA)
    History of the 559 (4th West Lancs.) Medium Regiment, R.A. (T.A.) 1859-1959 (1959)
    Into Action with the 12th Field (Capt. T J Bell, MC, no date) (12th Field Regt, RCA)
    Lancashire Gunners at War: the 88th Field Regiment, 1939-1945 (Stephen Bull, 1999)
    More Fighting Newfoundlanders (Col G W L Nicholson, 1969) (166 (Newfoundland) Field Regt, RA)
    Mountain Battery (Pat Carmichael, 1983) (23 and 25 Mountain Regiments, RA)
    Nominal Roll – 71st Field Regiment, RA (Typed, 1945)
    Observation Post: Six Years of War with 2/11th Aust. Army Field Regiment (Bill Lewis, 1989)
    One Man’s War (S Waters, 1981) (16 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt, RA)
    Par La Bouche De Nos Canons: Historie du 4e regiment d’artillerie Moyenne 1941-1945 (J Gouin, 1970) (4 Canadian Medium Regt, RCA)
    Perhaps They Left Us Up There (H L Lake, 1995) (166 (Newfoundland) Field Regt, RA)
    RCHA – Right of the Line (Maj G D Mitchell, 1986)
    Regimental History, 279 (Ayrshire) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (Territorial Army) (1956) (79th Field Regiment; 130th Field Regiment, RA)
    Roll of Honour 113 L. A. A. Regt., R.A. (D.L.I.) T.A. 1938-1945 (no date)
    Rounds Complete: A History of the 57th Artillery Regiment (nd/10th Dragoons, RCA (G M Kirby, 1997)
    Royal Devon Artillery: The Story of 142 Field Regiment R.A. 1939-1945 (1947)
    Shabash – 149: The War Story of the 149th Regiment, RA 1939-1945 (E W Capleton, 1963)
    Soldier, Sailor (Geoffrey Sanders, 1948) (History of the Combined Operations Bombardment Units, RA)
    “Tell Them of Us’ (John Nelson, 1989) (155 Field Regt., RA)
    The 35th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. Regimental Association Bulletin: Far Eastern Prisoners of War (February 1945)
    The Gunners: A History of Australian Artillery (D Horner, 1995)
    The Gunners: An Intimate Record of Units of the 3rd New Zealand Divisional Artillery in the Pacific from 1940 until 1945 (1948)
    The Battery: A Story of 150 Years of T Battery, (Shah Sujah’s Troop, Royal Artillery 1838-1988 (K T L Rhodes, 1991)
    The Bolton Artillery: A History 1860-1975 (A. J. Wingfield, 1976) (53 Field Regt, RA and 111 Field Regt. RA)
    The Daily Round: 76th H. A. A. Regt. RA (1946)
    The Diary of 85th (Essex ) MediumBattery Royal Artillery 1943-1945 (1947)
    The First Divisional Artillery at Anzio 1944 (Maj D J F Grant, RA, 1944)
    The Fusing of the Ploughshare (H R Ritchie, 1987) (51 West Suffolk Yeomanry Regiment Royal Horse Artillery)
    The Gunners: An Intimate Record of Units of the 3rd New Zealand Divisional Artillery in the Pacific from 1940 until 1945 (1948)
    The Gunners of Canada, Volume II, 1919-1967 (Col G W L Nicholson)
    The Guns of 6. A.G.R.A.: 6 Army Group Royal Artillery (1945 ?)
    The Guns of the North-East: Coastal Defences from the Tyne to the Humber (Joe Foster, 2004)
    The History of the 3rd Durham Volunteer Artillery now part of The 274th (Northumbrian) Field Regiment, R.A. (T.A.) 1860-1960 (Brig. O. F. G. Hogg, 1960)
    The History of 9 Army Group Royal Artillery (1946)
    The History of the 2/7 Australian Field Regiment (D Goodhart)
    The History of the 17th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery 1938-1945 (Lt Col H S Eeles, no date given)
    The Lampi: A Story About Some Gunners (Lt Col G P Chapman, RA, 1944) (82 Anti-Tank Regt, RA)
    The ‘Ninety-Second’ : A Short History of the 92nd Field Regiment, R.A. during the War of 1939-1945 (Lt Col George Aris, MC, RA, 1946)
    The Overseas Service of 269 (Warwick) Field Battery, Royal Artillery 1942-1945 ( (1945)
    The Regimental Itinerary of 146 Medium Regiment:1939-1945 (no date)
    The Rose & The Arrow: A Life Story of 136th (1st West Lancashire) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 1939-1946 (G. W. Robertson, M.C., 1986)
    The Royal Artillery Commemoration Book 1939-1945 (1950)
    The Shropshire Yeomanry (E W Gladstone, 1953) (75 and 76 Medium Regt, RA)
    The Six Years of 6 Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery September, 1939 to September, 1945 (1945)
    The Sparrow (Tony Paley) (79th Light Anti-Aircraft Regt, RA)
    The Stafford Battery: 241/61st Field and Super Heavy Regiment Royal Artillery 1939-1945 (Maj R J E Evans, Capt G R Lewis and Lt E L Hamilton, 1947)
    The Story of the 5th Army Group Royal Artillery (1945)
    The Story of an Artillery Regiment of the 51st Highland Division (Geoff Durand, 1989) (128th (H) Field Regt, RA (TA)
    The Story of 98th Field Regiment (Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry Q.M.R.) R.A. (T.A.) and 114th Field Regiment (Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry R.A. (T.A.) 1939-1946 (Lt Col T B Davis, RA, 1980) The War History of 461 Field Battery R.A., Later 461 Mountain Battery, RA (1945)
    The War History of 337 Field Battery R.A., Later 337 Mountain Battery, RA (1945)
    The War History of 338 Field Battery R.A., Later 338 Mountain Battery, RA (1945)
    The War History of 461 Field Battery R.A., Later 461 Mountain Battery, RA (1945)
    “There Is An Honour Likewise . . . .”: The Story of 154th (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, R. A. (Lt Col G E Bouskell-Wade, 1948)
    This Is the Story of the 2 Medium Regiment Royal Artillery in Italy from December 21st 1943 to May 8th 1945 (1945)
    Top-Hats in Tobruk (Kenneth Ranking, 1983) (51st Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA)
    To the Last Round: South Notts Hussars 1939-42 (Peter Hart, 1996) (107 Medium Regt, RA)
    Trail and Trial: The 35th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery 1939-1945: Final Bulletin & Roll of Honour (1945)
    Wall of Steel: The History of the 9th (Londonderry) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (SR) (Richard Doherty, 1988)
    War Diary of 220 Battery, RA, Sitreps of 112th (West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA and Other Memorabilia, June 1944 to August 1945 (Maj Douglas Goddard, RA, 1945)
    Where the Hell Are the Guns? (GG Blackburn, 1997) (4 Field Regt, RCA)
    Z Location or Survey in War: The Story of the 4th Durham Survey Regiment, Royal Artillery (J T Whetton & R H Ogden (2004)

    Regards, Dick Flory
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    You may have bought the book but in case not - I bought it about a year ago and found it fascinating - dipping into it regularly.
    I recall though that it was about the 367 which separated from the 366.
    It describes day by day v. personally how they wandered across France to Brussels then retreated back towards Dunkirk.
    Because they were bombed and lost some guns the 367 was not chosen to go to Cassel where 366 were virtually all captured or wiped out, including my uncle Arthur Ross.

    I would be very interested to hear if you have found anything out about the names of people in the 366 and about the battle of Cassel, which sounded quite remarkable.

    Regards Barry
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    I am looking for the following book
    THE STORY OF AN ARTILLERY REGIMENT OF THE 51st HIGHLAND DIVISION 1939-1946 128th (H) Field Regiment R. A. (TA) [Paperback]
    Geoff and WALLACE, Geo L. DURAND (Author)
    Doing research on my dads regiment in ww2 , can anyone help me out with a copy?
  5. bross

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    Hi Ian
    Just wondered if you managed to find the book.
    I'm trying to track my family back to the Highlands via TA Artillery Units.
    I'v tracked them to Tain in 1820 but need more details and with a continuous history in the TA RA am hoping that they might have been in a Highlands Rgt.
    Thanks Barry
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    This one didn't come up in a search:

    The History of 190 Field Regiment Royal Artillery

    190 Fd.jpg

    They served in Holland, as well, with 15 (Scottish) Div.
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    I am researching the war service of the grandfather of a good friend of mine. He served in 220 Battery, 112 Fd Regt RA as a driver (possibly to the FOO).

    I have unsuccessfully been looking for the war diary of his battery. I do have a copy of Douglas Goddard's '112th (Wessex) Field Regiment RA, TA 1938 - 1946' which makes reference to a verbatim copy which I suspect was somebody's personal copy.

    Then I come across this thread and the post (below) mentioning a book called "War Diary of 220 Battery, RA, Sitreps of 112th (West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA and Other Memorabilia, June 1944 to August 1945 (Maj Douglas Goddard, RA, 1945).". I can't find reference to this book anywhere else, so any assistance in finding a copy would be much appreciated.

    With thanks,


  8. idler

    idler GeneralList

    That sounds more like a collection of stuff in an archive . The RA Museum - Firepower - would be the first place to check.
  9. rflory

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    I am the one that made the above listing of RA books. The 'book' in question is actually a 80+ page pamphlet that has copies of 43 pages of a hand written war diary for 220th Battery from 17 June 1944 to 23 April 1946 and 42 pages of typewritten 112th Field Regiment Sitreps, Operation Orders and Intelligence Summaries from 8 July 1944 to 20 February 1945. Dick Flory
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    2nd New Zealand Divisional Artillery, WE Murphy, 1966 - an excellent account about an outstandingly effective divisional artillery in the Med theatre.

    The Gunners - A History of the Royal New Zealand Artillery, A Henderson, D Green, P Cooke, 2008

    This page lists quite a lot of publications: including Northling's Ultima Ratio Regum, 1987, and if you aren't familiar with this then your WW2 artillery research has a way to go!

    Each of the gun data sheets accessed via lists Range Tables, Gun Drills and Handbooks
  11. Rav4

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    Just after WW2 there was a book published about the Royal Artillery Band. Anyone know where I can get a copy?
  12. DavidW

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    Hi Mapshooter.

    Can you tell me more about Northling's Ultima Ratio Regum, as I can't get the link above to work.


  13. idler

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    Are you sure it was a book, it might just have been a collection of notes?

  14. Rav4

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    I saw a copy of the book in the Vancouver Public library years ago, also saw a copy while at Woolwich in the early 50's.
    Their is this one, but it is not the one I mean:
  15. mapshooter

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    DavidW - try copy and paste of the link into your browser, that works OK but the direct link from in the pg doesn't.
  16. DavidW

    DavidW Well-Known Member


    That doesn't work either I'm afraid.
    I just get this...

    (Why can't I paste anything into a reply?!!!!)

    It just comes up with derSlot(messagingunit) )
  17. mapshooter

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    You'll have to type the address in to your browser, fortunately its fairly short.
  18. DavidW

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    Makes no difference if I type or copy & paste, I just get the message quoted above. Very frustrating!
  19. mapshooter

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    Opens OK via google search - 'british artillery ww2' gives the home page
  20. DavidW

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    Must be my computer set up, as I get the same problem using Google search too!

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