RASC Tank Transporters in NA

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    Hi Gents,

    I'm currently scratch-building a 1/76 model of a Mack EXBX 18 Ton Tank Transporter which will have a Valentine on board. Markings for the Mack seem to be a problem as the only ones I can see are on the Engines of the Western Allies site which basically show black WD numbers, a roundel on the cab roof and black RASC on the front bumper. WAs the latter a standard marking or is is possibly artistic license? I would have thought they would display an RASC AoS with appropriate Coy serial number plus a formation patch. There are a number of photos of them in the Western Desert early in the North African campaigns but unfortunately markings are not in evidence with the shadows etc.
    Does anyone have any thoughts as to proper markings for these early transporters?

    Thanks in advance for any input.


    Neil Craig
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    Good luck Neil. I shall await answers with interest
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    I have seen that photo and I never noticed the RASC....I think I can also detect a formation badge just below the left side of the bumper. Thanks for opening my eyes!


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