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    My grandfathers two brothers James Obrien b 1884 d 1917/1918 and John Obrien b 1893 d 1917 /1918,from Dunbar ,East Lothian were killed in WW1. I am trying to find their graves but no joy so far .. I found two possibles, but not sure if they are the right ones . one joined in Dunbar ,one in Glasgow .They are on our local war memorial,so I am pretty sure they are my great uncles . I did have the info of where they joined up ,but for some reason it has been deleted on my tree ,probably my fault . A friend found two names,one in Coxyde Military cemetery , and one in Berlin S C. Grateful if anyone could help find them .Common names don`t help !
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    Hi EP

    Its a little late here in France but I will have a look through Ancestry tomorrow (or in fact later today)

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    Hi EP

    I guess the info you found was :
    O'BRIEN, J

    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    Royal Scots

    5th/6th Bn.
    Grave Reference
    III. H. 8.
    Additional Information:


    O'BRIEN, J

    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

    8th Bn.
    Grave Reference
    XIX. B. 3.
    Additional Information:

    I am just starting to research these 2 brothers so any additional info or confirmation of details would be appreciated


    edited to add:

    Searching for O'Brien, died WW1 in CWGC provides 646 results :( and 193 have the initail 'J' :(
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    Could this be your James O'Brien - ???

    1891 Scotland Census about James O'Brien
    Name: James O'Brien
    Age: 6
    Estimated birth year: abt 1885
    Relationship: Son
    Father's Name: Patrick O'Brien
    Mother's name: Bridget O'Brien
    Gender: Male
    Where born: Dunbar, Hadd Shire
    Registration Number: 706
    Registration district: Dunbar
    Civil Parish: Dunbar
    County: East Lothian
    Address: North St
    Occupation: Scholar
    ED: 7
    Household schedule number: 83
    LINE: 12
    Roll: CSSCT1891_371
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Patrick O'Brien 35
    Bridget O'Brien 35
    Helen O'Brien 10
    Bridget O'Brien 9
    Patrick O'Brien 8
    James O'Brien 6
    Catherina O'Brien 4
    Allanora O'Brien 2
    Margaret O'Brien 3 Mo

    Was the other brother called John Henry O'Brien ??????

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    A few bits and pieces at findmypast. Looks like the same family TD.

    Edit: Info at Scotlandspeople website attached

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    Then this might be the John O'Brien we are looking for:

    Web: Ireland, Census, 1911 about John Obrien
    Name: John Obrien
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Birth Year: abt 1885
    Relation to Head: Son
    Residence Date: 2 Apr 1911
    Townland/Street: Shanvaghera
    District: Knock North
    County: Mayo
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Patrick Obrien 58
    Bridget Obrien 68
    Michael Obrien 36
    Bridget Obrien 28
    John Obrien 26

    Presumably the O'Briens moved from Ireland to Scotland in the 1870's - 1880's. James appears to have joined the TA in 1903, having tried to apply to the Army but was rejected (as per Amberdogs image). He at some point ended up in the The Buffs (Royal East Kent Reg) with whom he served in WW1 and was killed 5 Nov 1918. His brother John presumably moved back to Ireland with his parents (Ireland 1911 census), then sometime 1911 - 1914 he for some reason returned to Scotland and signed up with the Royal Scots - it may be that his full name is John McMillan O'Brien as per the image from Amberdog, and was killed 21 Sep 1917.

    Some guesswork involved here.

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    The spanner in the works comes with John Henry O'Brien who has parents of the same name but appears in the 1901 & 1911 census living in Liverpool. There is also a sister Helen with about the same birth date.

    1901 England Census about John H O'brien
    Name: John H O'brien
    Age: 11
    Estimated birth year: abt 1890
    Relation to Head: Son
    Gender: Male
    Father: Patrick O'brien
    Mother: Bridget O'brien
    Birth Place: Liverpool
    Civil Parish: Kirkdale
    Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary
    County/Island: Lancashire
    Country: England
    Street address:


    Condition as to marriage:


    Employment status:

    View image
    Registration district: West Derby
    Sub-registration district: Kirkdale
    ED, institution, or vessel: 15
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Piece: 3467
    Folio: 77
    Page Number: 25
    Household schedule number: 148
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Patrick O'brien 48
    Bridget O'brien 38
    Helen E O'brien 18
    John H O'brien 11
    Eugene O'brien 9
    Mary J O'brien 8
    Annie O'brien 4

    The thick plottens :P

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    Could this be the marriage of their parents:

    Scotland, Select Marriages, 1561-1910 about Pat O'Brien
    Name: Pat O'Brien
    Gender: Male
    Marriage Date: 15 Nov 1875
    Marriage Place: Haddington,East Lothian,Scotland
    Spouse: Bridget Gilhooly
    FHL Film Number: 6035516

    Scotland, Select Marriages, 1561-1910 about Bridget Gilhooly
    Name: Bridget Gilhooly
    Gender: Female
    Marriage Date: 15 Nov 1875
    Marriage Place: Haddington,East Lothian,Scotland
    Spouse: Pat O'Brien
    FHL Film Number: 6035516

    They would be approx 20 years old at the time and also the location would seem to fit.

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    OK have found the O'Brien family tree on Ancestry:
    patrick obrien
    Birth 1855 in Kilfinnane ?Limerick, Ireland
    Death Dec 21st 1916 in 16 West Port, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

    Spouse & Children

    james obrien
    Birth 1884 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

    12 Sep
    Age: 33
    Killed in action WW1 Royal Scots, Lothian Regiment .

    Details of Patrick O'Brien:

    Marriage to bridget gilhooley
    15 Nov
    Age: 20
    Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
    Patrick O`brien 19,soldier 64th Regiment (LIMERICK) res Belhaven Dunbar to Bridget Gilhooly 20 Mill Worker ,single . St Mary`s Catholic Church Haddington ,East Lothian

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    Moved your query to it's own thread in Prewar section of the forum where we do the WW1 stuff.
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    It has been a while but I now have some information that I have found on James and John Obrien ,which I have put on my tree on Ancestry (porteousi).
    John Obrien was b 4th March 1893 ,Dunbar East Lothian ,Scotland . His parents were Patrick O`Brien and Bridget Gilhooly . I think you found his siblings ! I have now found he joined up on 31st Aug 1915 and sent to France .He was captured at the Battle of Loos on 29th Sept 1915.and sent to Stendal P.O.W. Camp, Germany ,with a bullet in his lungs . He died on 5th Nov 1918 ,in Berlin ? P.O.W. He is buried in Berlin South Western Cemetery, Stahnsdorf, Germany . plot XIX ROW E.

    James is a little more complicated . B 5th Dec Dunbar, East Lothian ,Scotland .I have his Militia Attestation for joining the Royal Navy on 9th Dec 1903. I have his service sheet ,but it finishes with his demob in 1919 at Chatham Naval Base . There the trail goes cold ! He is on our local war memorial as well as his brother, so not sure what happened to him .

    Hope this is some use to you

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