New Dunkirk movie to be made

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    I do not expect this to be perfect, but it IS (apparently) a British film and it is about a British subject and a great one at that. Of course, it will be tough to cram the story into just two hours. I would love it if they had made this a multi-parter going from May 10 to June 4. I hope they can at least refer to the very hard fought and sometimes hopeless rearguard battles at Wormhoudt, Calais, Boulogne, Lille (by the French!) and elsewhere which enabled the BEF to reach the sea. I also hope they show the French and show them fairly. (It will be interesting to compare this with the old Belmondo film Weekend at Zuydcote.) I also hope they make the point that it was the big ships at the mole and not the little boats that took off most of the men. Focusing on the Tommies is fine, but I also hope the film shows the vital roles played by the leaders--Gort above all (it was the crisis he was born for), but also Brooke, Adam, Alexander, Monty, etc. I like Branagh, and I think he could make a splendid Ramsay. The appearance of the RAF in the trailer is a good sign. The guys in the trailer look too clean and much too fresh to me, as troops in war movies almost always do; the BEF had been on the move for three weeks by the time they reached the perimeter, and everyone was collapsing with fatigue. I'll say this about the trailer though; it does convey the terror of air attack. Oh yes--I pray that Lightoller is in it.
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    Sister saw the 7 min preview - basically clips of bits and bobs from the film, emphasis was on steadily ramping up the tension until pier is about to be bombed, said it was impressive.
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    Ended up catching the 7 min preview myself.

    It is impressive, certainly pacey and looks phenomenal. A key sequence involving two SBs attempting to evacuate a casualty over the Mole was... intense.

    Problem is a lot of the kit is shit. Clearly cheap Battledress (lots of bargain bucket Epic Militaria stuff or similar), hodgepodge mixes of webbing on each man with blancoed, unblancoed, loads of shades. Horribly worn large packs, some continental clones as well seemingly, odd helmet colours. Clearly modern destroyer etc.

    So I suspect a great, enjoyable drama - no doubt gaining rave reviews. Just the accuracy side (pretty easy to get right) looked rather dire.
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    Did you film it on your phone?
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    So, when will it be released? I gots to know....
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    17th July in UK
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    Nope, firm believer of enjoying things in the moment!
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    That's the problem when something is close to your expertise/knowledge. I hate these 'Air Crash Investigation' series for exactly the same reason.
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    What about the 156Bty52LAA Bofors tractor that dragged the vehicles down the beach at Bray Dunes to make the jetty.

    This is the Bofors tractor and crew below.

    This was the last vehicle to go into the jetty.(at low tide)

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  10. Hello from Mel Senior (via Mel junior).

    He has had a look at the short trailers and I asked him about points raised in some posts above.

    Ages; he said speaking of 50 Div Signals, the T.A. had a large number of N.C.O.’s who had served in the First War or were regulars finishing their service. Most of these disappeared when they regrouped after getting back to England. Some of the long serving other ranks of the T.A. had either served or joined in the early 1930’s. He was nineteen, but many of his school year had gone into the duplicate 23 Div Signals Regt, who were not sent to France.

    Haircuts; Certainly too long.

    Uniform, webbing, respirator; I think changing fashions must have passed him by. I got a blank look. He said the fore and aft ‘twat hat’ was certainly being worn wrongly.

    State of Dress; They had been adrift for days and there was no way to shave. Washing only happened if they came across a stream. With only the food they had with them or could scrounge at one point he asked a French woman outside a farm cottage for ‘l’eau’. She spat at him!

    Helmets are all too shiny. “Mine had a great dent in the side and were weathered and worn a bit. Uniforms were fairly clean until we got down to the beaches. After a couple of days of dossing down and trying to shelter in tyre tracks they were a bit mucky, apart from the fact that we ditched most of our gear. I ended up with my bondhook and battle bowler, spare clip in my pocket, no gaiters or pouches.

    One more thing he said when looking at the lines running down into the sea. “Nah, never! Didn’t stand with rifles slung. Held them down at the side….what did they call it, anyway that’s not right.”

    “Gerry planes always came in from the sea to start, and never saw more than three at a time.”

    Troops on the Mole, “Too calm, you’d find a splinter to hide behind”

    Beach attack, “That’s about right….yes”

    We are looking forward to taking Mel to our local cinema when the film opens. Hopefully he won’t be as vocal as after the Longest Day, when John Wayne took some verbal stick!
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    I've just seen a lot of new trailers on Twitter tonight via link on FB. .......I got quite excited :lol:
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    I'm looking forward to it's US release.
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    I went to see the new release "Going in Style" with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin last night. Ann-Margaret was in it too. Prior to the movie starting was the usual string of trailers to sit through. The last one was for "Dunkirk". It looked really good. When the trailer ended, "SUMMER 2017" was flashed across the screen. So I have another movie to go see this year looks like. Looking forward to it.

    And "Going in Style" was pretty good too.
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    21st July now apparently.
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    yep 21/7/17

    just dont look at the arts page of the i Paper today

    oh ok if you must

    caption of photo
    Troops waiting to land in Dunkirk
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    Saw the latest trailer on the big screen last night. I think they might just be having trouble making trailers for it. But I'm definitely going to go see it.
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    It's slated for release here in the states for 21 July 17. That's me birthday! I know what I'll be doing after eating my steak dinner and going for cake and ice cream at Mom's house!
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    Ditto for Canada.............July 21st release and early reviews are highly positive. Went to the flicks last Thursday and the trailers are excellent. Can't wait.

    Now waiting for the LONGEST THREE MONTHS to be filmed. The story of the Brits, Poles and Canucks in Normandy. I'd like to see Justin Bieber cast as a Hitlerjugend just so we can enjoy him becoming a casualty.
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